Anik Kadinski

Anik Kadinski


She`s hot one minute, cold the next You`re all ears-Pure emotion Exuberant


Authentic, powerpacked, influenced by Alanis Morissette, Tracy Chapman, Pink, she got a sizzle in her head whenever she heard music.
First experiments in school band, started co-operation with producer Florian Glaszer in 2000, since then they developed a very special way of creating music. Endless talks and emotional roller-coasters culminated in concerted songwriting and high energy in the studio.
2004: Austrian charts entry of "Another Goodbye", a song about self-empowerment in the wake of a breakup, video on Austrian musicchannel GOTV.
The new album is about to fully evolve and take on the music world!


Turn Around

Written By: Anik Kadinski/ Florian Glaszer

Turn Around

I put my heart into your hands
I said I`m easy now
And I will never care for someone else

I guess I used to feel real high
But when I reached out for the sky
I wouldn`t move around in space

And I guess this is not what I want

I won`t turn around
You gave me love, you gave me pain, ohh
And I won`t turn around
You get me down, get off my way

You are so good, you are so right
At night I lie awake
I`m cold although you`re right here by my side

Just close the door and sneak away
Push the button for okay
And put a smile upon your face

And I guess this is not what I want


I, I don`t know why
We always fight
We´re always getting in our way
It feels so strange
I can`t explain
But things have changed in a way
We are not the same


Let the World Be Love

Written By: Anik Kadinski/ Florian Glaszer

Let the world be love

Words wrapped in stones and in gunfire
Just speak your mind, they`ll call you a liar
You walk alone or stand in line

Scream your paroles, brainwash yourself
And know that life mistreats you like hell
Believe in him who knows the way out

Let the world be love
With no gods above, we`re better off
There is no heaven, there`s no hell we`re going to
There`s no better world

It`s good to pray, but don`t rely
Something inside will always ask why
You may be tired, but you`re not blind yet


Choose right from wrong, know good from bad
And put the blame on those who said
It `s only him who knows the way out

You cross line, you can`t define, but you`re aware
It`s taking over, you can`t control…you`re overwhelmed


Take It All

Written By: Florian Glaszer / Anik Kadinski


You are so alone
You will never be satisfied
Your appetite`s too big
Blow yourself away
She was quite okay but,
Candies come in all varieties

Faces, places, memories
All the chances that you missed
A million apologies
Too many night spent in agony
Don`t you have enough
Of takin`of
For another misery

Take it all until you fall
You don`t even know no more
What it is you`re lookin`for
Take it all until you fall
Like a crash test dummy you are torn

At the crack of dawn
When everybody`s gone
Zap your brain you watch TV in bed
Uh it`s time to go out
To feed your greedy mouth
Cocaine, girls caviar
All you can get

Faces, places,memories
All the chances that you missed..



I Don`t Mind (2002, Sony Austria)
My Definition (2004, Wild Dog Records)
Be Somebody, I Don`t Mind (2002)
Another Goodbye (2004)

Set List

What About Alice
Let the World Be Love
Dance In the Moonlight
Turn Around
Take It All

Into Pieces
Another Goodbye
Coz It`s You
I Don`t Want To

Let It Go
I Saw You
I Don`t Mind
Think of you
Be Somebody