Fado songs and Portuguese Guitar music.


Although Fado is a musical tradition associated uniquely with Portugal and with Portuguese communities everywhere in the world, ANIMA FADO has been wowing audiences of all ethnicities for the past several years. Since 2005 ANIMA FADO has presented Fado events to a wide audience in and around Toronto. Performance credits include appearances at major venues and festivals such as the Lula Lounge, Cervejaria Downtown, Gladstone Hotel, Ellington’s, Metro Square, Luminato, CanWest Cabaret and more.
ANIMA FADO has been supported by the Toronto Arts Council.

About Fado:

Fado, the music of urban Portugal, the mysterious song from the narrow and cobbled streets of Lisbon. is not only music, poetry, speech or attitude but life itself...In our concerts we explore this musical genre, its instruments and the traditional repertoire of a Fado singer.
Fado can be translated as fate or destiny but for the Portuguese its meaning is rich and complex. Fado is personal and full of feeling, and is thought to have its roots in African Slave music. To explain its elusive and haunting beauty is no easy task.
Central to the universe of Fado music is the instrument known as the Portuguese guitar. This type of twelve string cittern was developed under the influence of the English guitar introduced in Portugal during the last half of the 18th century and after a complex process of adaptation and evolution it became the most Portuguese of all instruments. Apart from the fundamental role it plays in Fado music, the Portuguese guitar is also used as a solo instrument.



Set List

45 minute set of traditional Fado songs and Portuguese guitar instrumental music