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Perth, Australia | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Perth, Australia
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Hard Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos




“A modern twist to the traditional Aussie hard rock template... workmanlike, spit and sawdust. (7/10)” - POWERPLAY ROCK MAGAZINE (UK)


Hailing from the Australian city of Perth, Animal’s musical CV makes interesting reading: while three of the members – guitarist Jeremy Hart, bassist Kev O’Sullivan and drummer Greg Turner – had been around the block a bit in various local acts, the band (completed by vocalist Tony Lilley, himself a veteran of the local karaoke scene, apparently) came together when they were all working for a local computer company, and started playing together as a “comical social club band entailing glam hair wigs, coloured leather and bastardised IT-pun-filled covers, providing tongue-in-cheek entertainment for corporate events” (all their words, not ours)…

Having broken out of that initial corporate scene, the five piece (subsequently complemented by rhythm guitarist Dan Hart), Animal have released this damn fine little blues rock album, which ploughs a furrow between Bad Company, ZZ Top, fellow countrymen Rose Tattoo and the mighty Motorhead.

Built on the rock solid rhythm section of O’Sullivan and Turner, ‘Plenty Of Supplies’ rattles along at a cracking pace, and is crammed with hard-assed, hard-rocking, crunchy and melodic riffs delivered with passion and aplomb, with every song possessing an immediacy that just grabs you by the shoulders and draws you in.

The undoubted star of the album, alongside the nine terrific songs (of which ‘Blues Master’, ‘Let’s Race’ and ‘Lemon King’ are particularly impressive), is Tony Lilley: his vocal delivery is a heady mix between Paul Rodgers, Josh Todd, a more mature Angry Anderson and a cleaner Myles Kennedy. Backed by a very talented group of musicians, and aided by a superb production, it’s a performance which lifts this fine album just that little extra level above the ordinary and helps merit additional exploration. - UBER ROCK (UK)


Barrelling blues rock brawlers powered by a freight train rhythm section and F16 riffing, ANIMAL hail from the South West of Australia and the sound of their full throttle, ball-breaking assault must have sounded akin to the apocalypse amongst the tranquil old growth forests down there.

The first riff of Overtaken reaches out and grabs the listener by the throat and that’s it, give yourself up to it for the whole nine yards – Animal aren’t letting go once their jaws clamp down on their prey.

Blues master and Rebellion have as much roll as rock, giving Jeremy Hart’s dirty blues guitar and Antony Lilley’s gravel-raw vocals an awesome groove propelled by Kev O’Sullivan and Greg Turner’s rhythm section.

Personal favourite Let’s Race is pure molten stoner blues thrash, instantly un-put-downable and throttling up well into the redline.

Title track Plenty Of Supplies, Lemon King and Schoolboy’s Dream prove relentless until the whole juggernaut comes to an abrupt stop, and as the dust starts to settle you have time to reflect on what a powerful, no bullshit, ride that really was. Then go back to the start and do it again… - 100% ROCK MAGAZINE


Review by Amy Mowle

ANIMAL have broken clean out of the cage with the debut album ‘Plenty of Supplies’. Born and bred in Perth, this four-piece have delivered a balls-to-wall 9 track album that is surely going to impress even the most fanatical of Australian rock and roll freaks.

‘Plenty of Supplies’ has felt the musical influence from bands straight out of Perth’s music scene in the 90’s, featuring members from acts such as Greenroom and Solarii. This experience, bred with the powerhouse vocals from front man Tony ‘Tone Death’ Lilley, has produced a wrecking ball of an album riddled with incessant guitar work and catchy hooks.

‘Overtaken’ opens up the album with a furious assault on the senses. A typically heavy riff accentuates the talents of Greg Turner on the drums. The vocal hooks suck you in and spit you out with such ferocity that you’re not sure who you are anymore when you come out the other side.

The track that’s most likely to get stuck in your head is the sexy, dirty ‘Blues Master’. You’ll be singing along by the end of the song as, once again, Lilley’s vocals grab you by the figurative balls until you pay attention. Jeremy Hart shines with incredible riffs played to perfection – and I haven’t even mentioned his solos yet.

‘There’s No Tomorrow’ will have you toe-tapping regardless of what you think of the music. It exemplifies what this band do best – catchy. In light of this, the songs seem slightly manufactured for success. This doesn’t detract from the talents of the band, but perhaps a little from a sense of originality (one can’t help feeling reminiscent of AC/DC).

The song closes with the polished ‘Schoolboys Dream’. Hart really stresses his importance in the band with the way he ties this song together; riff after riff with some sexy little solos thrown into the mix. Animal’s bluesy influence is made obvious at the close of this track.

I will say this; Animal aren’t for everyone. It’s certainly not easy listening, it’s certainly not for relaxing. This is limb swinging, head banging, eye popping Australian rock and roll. There isn’t a huge amount of differentiation on the album – these guys have aimed to produce a sound and they have done it well. But if you’re looking for a musically dynamic act that seeks to surprise you – you’re looking in the wrong place.

‘Plenty of Supplies’ is essentially a slap in the face for Perth’s easy going music scene. It’s contagious, catchy, and underpinned by an enterprising mix of blues, hardcore and alternative influence. Lilley’s vocals are, to put it simply, down right impressive. Even as some one who isn’t a fan of Aussie rock and roll, I was delighted to hear the effortless brilliance that this band exudes.

You’ll be able to find a copy of ‘Plenty of Supplies’ at your local record store or on iTunes by the end of this month. - SPACE SHIP NEWS


Plenty of Supplies (2012)



With foundations built upon the remnants of Perth former alt-rockers 'Greenroom', the robust and eclectic rhythm section of local 00's folk-rock act 'Solarii', and the unmistakeable vocal assult by debut lead vocalist Tony 'Tone Death' Lilley, Animal has fast established its presence in the pack as a beast to be reckoned with since its inception in early 2011.

With the release of the independant debut album "Plenty of Supplies" in September 2012, Animal has received increasing support both at home and internationally, with a consistent string of, radio & internet radio airplay, increasing fan bases worldwide, topped with an engaging & charismatic live performance to write home to yo'mama about!

Animal is busily writing new material and setting the pace for a remarkable year in 2014... the engines are set to fire up!!

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