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This band has not uploaded any videos



"New Animal Bodies video"

AnimalBodies video by: Joao Machado - Georgia Strait

"Animal Bodies Self titled Album"

Animal Bodies’ debut of their self-titled album is shrouded in mystery - Discorder

"Animal Bodies gets creepy on its limited-edition analogue release"

By Gregory Adams, November 4, 2010

This cat is a huge fan.
Animal Bodies (Needs More Ram)

Considering its fixation on ghostly moans and spooked-out synth lines, it’s fitting that Animal Bodies released its new cassette at the Waldorf’s grand opening/Halloween costume party last weekend. And if you managed to get a copy of the limited-edition analogue release, you can now get down to the group’s spectral sounds all year long.

Pretty much every cut on the collection will creep you out a bit. The opener, “Thought and Consequence”, is a full-throttle freak-out that tops a galloping drum-machine beat with menacing Middle Eastern keyboard lines and guitarist Natasha Reich’s eerie punk crunch. “Jungle Cathedral” finds her crooning seductively about wild animals atop a slinking bass line and mechanical percussion loops that wouldn’t sound out of place on an early Sisters of Mercy single.

While “Tomb Table Testimony” and “Jackie Says (Remix)” tread along the lines of early-’80s goth pop, the B-side of the cassette finds Animal Bodies trying its luck with even more unsettling sounds. “Some Evil…”, for instance, is a four-minute audio collage of haunted howls, whip cracks, and crank calls that plays out like the soundtrack to a Hell House. Whether it’s through sombre goth rock or via uncomfortable sonic experimentation, Animal Bodies are ready to freak you out. - The Georgia Straight


Animal Bodies Limited Edition Tape on Needs More Ram Records



Animal Bodies is one girl+one boy based out of Vancouver BC

Their sound combines elements of minimal synth wave and aggressive punk rock, unifying primal beats and analog synths with eerie vocals and howling guitar lines.

In the fall of 2010, Animal Bodies released their self titled cassette EP on Needs More Ram Records, recorded by the band.

They are currently recording their next album and planning for a spring release. They have played throughout the NorthWest in Vancouver, Seattle, Portland and Victoria, and recently opened for Salem in Vancouver.