Animal Farm

Animal Farm

 Eugene, Oregon, USA
BandHip HopR&B

One of the livest stage shows you will ever see. Animal Farm is a perfect combination of lyricism, raw energy, and banging beats that keep your head nodding and your feet moving.


Animal Farm is constant energy on stage. The four MCs (Kenny Wilson, Gen.Erik, Hanif Wondir, and Fury) feed off each other and the beats laid down by DJ Strategy to produce one of the livest shows in the northwest. The group combines straight lyricism with politics and comedy to provide an extremely entertaining show. Animal Farm hails from Eugene and Portland, Oregon, and is a combination of three of the most celebrated groups in the area, Money Shot, SoundProof, and Cleveland Steamers. All of the members were in hip-hop groups voted amongst the top 3 in a 2005 fan poll in the Eugene Weekly (received #1 status in 06' & 07'). Since the group's inception, Animal Farm has created a quick local buzz and will be touring this fall to promote their upcoming mixtape.


Animal Farm "The Unknown" - released May 15th, 2008
Gen.Erik- 7 Deadly Songs

Set List

45 Minutes (Can easily be 30-60 minutes).
1.Ragtime Gal 2.Move it 3.All Out 4.Back in the Day 5.Hollywood Squares 6.What's Next 7.We Came to Rock 8.Last Call, etc.