Animal Mother

Animal Mother

 Lansing, Michigan, USA

Classic rock roots bleed into heavy metal aggressiveness. A great vocal mix of singing and growls, solid musicianship that sports the area's only female lead guitarist, a pummeling double kick drummer and an intense showman on bass. An explosive, but fun stage presence gets people on their feet.


It started in 2002 with a singular show in the mind's eye of bassist Norm Slep. He had the show booked, but a few band members fell off his line up in the months leading up to it, leaving Norm scrambling to put a new line up together for the show he so deeply wanted to play. Animal Mother was born at that show at Mac's Bar in Lansing, MI. January 2003. We were offered another show right then and there. So Norm goes around to all of us and says: "Wanna do this again?" We all had such fun none of us could say "No." We got another show off that next one, so we became a "real" band kind of by guess and by golly, and a true domino effect that still keeps things moving forward, interesting and compelling. It was only supposed to be ONE SHOW! And here we are 8 years later-same line up, same attention to detail and dedication. Respect for one another and all the agents, bar owners, fans and other bands we interact with. We've evolved-becoming concerned with being better musicians and finding the grooves John Q. Public loves to rock out to. There are extremely diverse influences for our original Animal Mother band-the movie "Full Metal Jacket" being the first-with it's macho warrior character "Animal Mother" lending his namesake to the band. We have all been in other local, original bands in the past (except Norm-this was his first real band). Norm's been a roadie for literally anyone who's asked. He said to himself (after constantly experiencing laziness and no-show's from his behind the scenes perch) "I'm gonna start a band & show them ALL how's it's supposed to be done." He's done that for sure. Musical influences include everything from classic rock of the 70's, 80's, that era's alternatives like Zappa, Beck & Cooper. The heavier vibes of Sabbath, Zep, Nugent are all there. Through the years the extreme heavy likes of Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth,SOD and others crept in, with a solid appreciation for more technical bands like Testament, Dream Theater, LOG & SYL. We don't make a big hullabaloo about it (but it does set us apart from other bands) our only guitarist is a little bitty, rosy cheeked chick with a nick name of Jaye, and a great big Randy Rhoades Flying V and sweet Marshall rig. Little Jaye beats the crap out of her guitar that sports Ernie Ball "11's" giving it a monster sound. Dudes compliment her hot-rodded amp, and gals fawn over this unusual guitar playing female. We all have excellent gear...our own deluxe EAW PA system, DW drums, Mesa Boogie & Marshall amps, Music Man & Jackson guitars, Monster cables, etc. etc. Sound men enjoy our rich sounding gear that's easy to dial in. We play the Mid-Michigan area and have graced the stages of dive bars like Oade's Hidden Camel, Mac's Bar, The Corner Bar as well as prominent clubs like Planet Rock, The Machine Shop, Small Planet, and IROCK. We have several self released CD's that are all recorded with Tim Lau of Laud Productions (Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy, Primer 55, more) that were limited runs, now out of print-essentially collectors items-and 2 more currently in print, 2007's "NO RULES" and a 17 song compilation spanning 8 years of recording with Laud titled "Flame Lake Compilation" released in 2009. We are due back in the studio for 5 new songs with Laud (July 2010) and anticipate a release date of October 2010. We are currently working on a new logo, mascot and emblem to be used on a vast array of merchandise (as well as the new CD) including men's & ladies T-Shirts, hoodies, koozies, hats, picks and stickers and a banner for the band. It's very exciting and rewarding to make it this far. We hope this Sonic Bids application opens up a whole new box of dominoes for Animal Mother! We are an original band that occasionally picks up a cover and for now it's "Into The Void" by Black Sabbath and we KILL IT!


Mirror Mirror

Written By: J.Buxton

Words & Music: J. Buxton
Mirror Mirror

I walk the streets at night
I don't care about wrong or right
I won't come in from the rain


Mirror Mirror tell me lies
Take away the cold hard lines
Grant a wish, change my life
Set me free, make me whole again
Mirror Mirror, tell me lies
Take away the cold hard lines
Grant a wish, change my life


Don't know, know myself
Just a shell & I'm bound for hell
I don't know, know myself
Know myself anymore
(Repeat Chorus)

Maybe I'll drown in beer tonight
I know I wouldn't put up much of a fight
I know that I can't save myself

The Crown

Written By: Norm Slep, Mike Gieman

The Crown

Words: N. Slep & M. Gieman
Music: N. Slep & M. Gieman

Open doors, can never be.
Closed turmoil it fills up me.
Bringing forth misery.
Crusades of the 7th century.

Crusaders for, for today.
Accused for, for yesterday.
Trying to keep us down.
Dying for the crown.

Keep in mind, you must have the faith.
Living for one's dying fate.
Remember not to blink an eye.
Because the crown will not cease to lie

Likely To Survive

Written By: J.Buxton, Norm Slep, Chris Blank

Words and Music: Animal Mother
Likely To Survive

Can't see sunlight
I believe the blizzard has arrived
But the fridge is full of beer
& all my friends are up in here
So we're damn likely to survive

Turn it up!
Turn it up, crank it up, still haven't had enough
Rev it up!
Rev it up, crank it up, closer, but it's not enough

See sunrise
chiselin' pinholes through the night
Better man these shovels fast
Then we'll rustle up some cash
Cause the fridge is empty & I'm just primed

To make a run
Make a run, to the sun, still haven't had my fun
Rev it up
Rev it up, crank it up, closer but it's not enough

Vaccinate me from the hatred
Innoculate me from the mold


Feel sunrise
Melting away the snow and ice
Well I guess I had my fill
Now it's time to get shit done
Spring has sprung and I feel alive

Tear it up
Put a claw in the ground, plant a seed & watch it grow
Soak it up
Soakin up the rain & sun, never think I'll get enough of it

Take Me Home

Written By: J.Buxton, Chris Blank, Norm Slep

Music: J. Buxton, N. Slep
Lyrics: C. Blank, J. Buxton
Take Me Home

Waiting for master's touch
Waiting, hasn't fed me yet
Waiting in this muddy hole
with this choke chain around my neck

If I was loved, I'd be your best friend in the world
So why'd you leave me starving, freezing from the cold
Interdependence and affection are built from time & trust
I would be your best friend till the bitter end if you loved me enough

Burning in the blazing sun
Panting, nothing to wet my tongue
Mangy, starving, flea bitten
With no chance to achieve my potential because

I was never loved, now I'm the worst friend you've ever known
All the starving and freezing left me bitter, now I've turned
Lack of affection led to defiance and hatred
Now a sworn enemy, don't you get close to me,
you'll wind up getting bitten

Please save me, uncage me, I'm coming home with you
Please save me, uncage me, I'm coming home with you
Unslave me, cuz I'm set free, and I'm coming home with you
Home I come
Found some love
Got that trust
That I deserved
More than enough
Of pets & rubs
Rawhide bones
And vitamins


Written By: Animal Mother

Words and Music:Animal Mother

Blood works up---Animal
Fill the cup---Your mutha
Crushing deed, watch it bleed
Teuffel hunden, devil dog

You will learn, I will teach
By the numbers, you will see
Every grunt must be
The instrument of his own salvation

More to give, life to live
Ain't stopped us yet---Animals
Look around, no quarter found
Your brutha, machine gunner

Strip of shit, sprinkled with
Tanks, flies, trees, grunts like me---Animals
With machine guns
Devil tough, throwin' slugs

A day without blood
Is like a day without sun
Metal hornets, over our heads swarm
Jolly green giants we
Walk with guns
Giving God fresh souls


#1 self titled "Animal Mother" 2002
#2 "Damn it it's just Animal Mother" 2003
#3 "F6" 2004
#4 "Emergency" 2005
#5 "NO RULES" 2007
#6 "Flame Lake Compilation" 2009
#7 "TBA" 2010

There are tracks for purchasing, listening and downloading on our and we have had some success with internet radio air play.

Set List

We have over 30 original songs. We are generally booked for one hour sets, but happily play two, if they offer more cash for it. Like stated before we do an occasional cover-and currently it's "Into The Void" by Sabbath. Covers we have done in the past include "Hair Of The Dog-Nazareth" and Judas Priest's version of "Green Manalishi". A Kiss medley of "Watchin' you/Parasite" has also went over well...but these songs were lesser known and fans thought it was our own material!