Animal Names

Animal Names


We are your density, even while taking as many smoke breaks as humanly possible.


from the one sheet for Animal Names' Oh Yes You Better Do...

Are CD’s dead? Are EP’s dead? Are CD-EP’s dead? The correct answers, in order, are: “I’m not sure what you mean”, “depends” and “there are too many abbreviations in that sentence for me to make any sense of it”. You are allowed to continue reading even if you failed this quiz.

Animal Names’ Oh Yes You Better Do does not have the easiest task of winning people over, based on its format and the fact that it’s 2009, but let me explain anyways. First off, the cover is an A+. Find me a bird with a bigger head. Next, the songs are good and hazy, the lyrics are bleak and big on wordplay (if at times somewhat incoherent, but I like that too), and the sometimes dense, sometimes spare production is quirky, suiting and also a matter of necessity. It’s punk rock by indie rock through way of punk rock and I’m pretty sure Animal Names still likes The Promise Ring too. Recorded wherever the band could set up microphones and then mixed by Shawn Cole (You Say Party! We Say Die!, Bend Sinister), this is music DIY until enough money was saved up to get professionals to take over.

Everyone still listens to the first Weezer album and the ethos of grunge/slackerdom never went away so it makes sense that a band can layer six guitars and then sing: “I’ve got no goals and nothing good to say about you or anything”. Who doesn’t still enjoy a good pep talk now and again? And who can’t at least half-smile when they hear a line like “The neon signs here buzz like Lightyear”? These guys are speaking my language and I don’t think any of us even knows what it is.

I know Animal Names. They live in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia and enjoy practicing on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Dann from Baby Control played on these songs but then he left. Maybe that’s why Oh Yes You Better Do is an EP? And the band has started a label of their own, Boat Dreams From The Hill, in order to release it. I bet that’s why a CD-EP has ended up in your hands. The songs are sweet and the package is cool, trust me because I know pretty much everything.

- Aristophanes of Byzantium, 193 BC


We Mean Big (Cu. Ft)

Written By: Chris vanderLaan

Pick a spot in the yard, draw lines and watch how long they take to cross. Or draw a map on the door of my room that ends with where I can't find you.

Write a note, start it with "I know the way most things could have been." Or make a cake with what's left of the the days with sweet starts like sleeping in.

Pick a spot in the yard, draw lines and watch how long they take to cross. Or draw a map on the floor of your room that ends where I stop to pretend.

Black lines smudge and I can't wait to fall asleep because when I dream, I don't have to think of you or me.

Because we'd sit and stare at where the parts used to fit right. I'm good at finding pairs for things I can't get quite right. We're no where at all and that's almost alright.

Something & the Infinite Gladness

Written By: Chris vanderLaan

Took for almost all used up, I packed my hands away. Anywhere without touch is a place I'd rather play with you.

I blame cracks in the walls for turning out this way, and the pages missing from our book on words to say.

Overthought and under felt, it's just like me to forget your smell. Over wrought and done feeling, I won't even ask where you got that ring. I measured days in bouts of grace and wrote out the things that made my case. Over bored and self-assured, I kept track of all your dirty words.

Ript Men

Written By: Chris vanderLaan

I found a list of war crimes poking my thumbs through cracks in the floor boards downstairs. First I thought I had found some sort of journal kept by a very bad, bad, bad man who maybe didn't think through all the things that he set out to do-ba-do-ba-do.

I'll admit I was wrong, nobody keeps track of things they've done like that. And nobody should want to remember themselves like that.

Do you think I could remind you of some shitty things we did when we were almost young but not much younger than we are now, at least when we pretend?

I brought some tape for when your ballet bones break.

Plastic Castles

Written By: Chris vanderLaan

If sons of fishes get plastic castles, why can't we get a house? We tape and stitches I patched my arms up; white lies work most things out.

Let's dictate words for our barely moving like still green swampy motes. I made a barge with some plastic hangars, our boat filled up with sores.

I hate the fishes and the water because I can.

If sons of fishes get plastic castles, when will we get a house? With tape and pencils I drew up blueprints for how markets work out.

I hate the fishes and the water because I can.


Ballet Bones (August 19th 2008)
Released on Citystarfleet
features the single "We Mean Big (Cu Ft.)"

Oh Yes You Better Do (July 7th 2009)
Released on Boat Dreams From The Hill
features the singles "Rolling Paper Airplane" & "Crunk Crunk Croatia"

Set List

Our typical set list is 8 or 9 songs, which works out to about a half hour when you take into account our (very) witty banter. We don't normally play covers but once we played Territorial Pissings by Nirvana so watch out.