Animals In The Dark

Animals In The Dark


We sound like three musicians who come from very diverse musical backgrounds such as punk, folk, and psychodelia who have come together to do one thing. Rock!


Animals In The Dark was given its first breath of life over more than a few after-school drink specials in the smoky corner of a local bar during the spring of 2007. Three friends began conspiring to create a new kind of music that none of them had ever heard anywhere except blasting from the collective stereo in their heads.

After just one jam session, it was obvious that this was the perfect mix of personalities and musical backgrounds to create that rare breed of music that had been thumping in their heads for so long. Not ones to resort to covers, the three friends began rehashing the songs that Mauro had been writing on her acoustic guitar since she was a small girl. It wasn't long before new songs started popping up and the distinctive sound that defines Animals In The Dark began to take shape.

After playing around at as many local bars as they could, the band decided that it was time to start recording a cd (so they could afford to pay their tabs at shows). Unfortunately, their pockets were as empty as their glasses.

This is where Mauro's fiancee Wes Kemerrer came in. A genius in home studio recording, he began to transfer the band's sound to a more professional level. Ever since then, Animals In The Dark has done everything internally. All shows are booked by band members, all recordings and cds are made in a living room, and all t-shirts are hand made. Now armed with a full-length cd and hours of original music, Animals In The Dark is hitting the road in the summer of 2008 so keep an eye peeled for shows in your area.


Winter Demo 2008

Set List

10-20 original songs depending on the needs of current venues.