Animal Teeth

Animal Teeth


Whispered rock ballads and guitar solo jangle. Think a backpack full of king cans, a bike and a bush party. This is the soundtrack to your jaded teenage drunkenness: lazy, washed out and awesome.


Animal Teeth is a band of falsetto, yelling, driving pop beats, reverb-laden guitars and melodramatic lyrics that sway between caught-in-a-sunbeam nonchalance and screaming emotion in the forms of paradox and brutal honesty.

After only a year, Animal Teeth has played notable shows alongside the likes of Zeus (Arts & Crafts), Royal Canoe and Nick Everett. The young band has also been featured on campus radio and newspaper at the University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg. The Uniter picked Animal Teeth as one of 5 bands to watch in 2013 and the Uptown section of the Winnipeg Free Press chose Borealis Buffalo as track of the week.
In 2013, Animal Teeth plans to release a debut EP and tour western Canada.

Set List

- Taxidermy
- Borealis Buffalo
- Ghosts
- You & Me
- Sleep/Dream
- Swimming
- Modern Family
- Winterland
- Circles
- Faust
- Holly
- Bird On My Arm

- Codex-Radiohead
- The Good Life-Weezer
- It's Okay-Land Of Talk
- On The Weekend - Neil Young