BandHip Hop

we're hungry and we want to take the game over show people that we can give you a show that everyone can enjoy and just for the fact that people will say yo cj and derek those two boys right there are nice


i feel that we can bring a different vibe to the table with our own styles. We were influenced by the wu-tang clan, biggie, 2pac, big l,joe budden, fabolous, stack bundles, lupe fiasco and many more that have made noise in the industry of rap. We just want the chance for people to come up to us and say that we are nice. We just want peopel to respect our music give them something to listen to.


We don't have any cds out right now but we have a mixtpe that is coming out within the next two months called the (come up vol. 1)

Set List

Mixtape coming soon.......