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The best kept secret in music


"Listening Ear"

Animated Orange brings a funky, fresh image to the South Jersey music scene. An instant head bob and smile consumed me when I saw this reggae-inspired band from Atlantic City live on the 17th at their first show outside of Atlantic County at the Turnersville Brunswick Zone. No on-screen graphics took place, but animation was present throughout their entire 40-minute set.

The current lineup, Christian Glomb (guitar and lead vocals), Mikey Pestritto (keyboards and back up vocals), Loren Rondeau (bass), and Luis Perez (drums), has been jamming together since September. Glomb and Pestritto started playing together a year ago. It became "a process of putting it all together to get the current lineup," said Glomb. The band members were all friends and used to work for Gutter Guys together, except Rondeau.

"We are high energy funk rock reggae," said Pestritto. The band, all in their mid-20s, agreed that the crowds at shows are their favorite thing about New Jersey. "I just hope they realize that we're trying to do something positive … music that people can appreciate," said Glomb.

The band collaborates together with music, lyrics, and stage performance. Each member has distinct musical influences; Perez has Spanish influences, Pestritto thrives off the Disco Biscuits, Rage Against the Machine for Rondeau, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers for Glomb. "We are all different, but when we play music it sounds like one solid object," said Glomb.

Pestritto, also known as "The Ham," stood to the side behind his dual keyboards but was not unseen. He danced, jumping up and down, side to side for the entire set, which brought meaning to the origin of the band name. "Orange gives a funky feeling and we are animated," said Glomb, trying to explain what their band name means.

At first listen, Animated Orange sounds like Sublime, but Animated Orange's music has more rock energy than Sublime. Glomb's guitar solos made me cringe because they were so superior. Feel-good guitar, heavy bass, trance-fused keyboards, and rocker-style drums make Animated Orange a must-see live band.

Glomb's lead vocals are surprisingly fitting and strong, but not strenuous. He often closed his eyes to sing, which added emphasis to the performance. Pestritto chimed in with harmonies at compromising times and Perez took a break from drums to rap. The keyboards add a quirky edge to the band. Animated Orange is a band like no other.

Each song was thrilling with various progressions and killer instrumental breaks. I especially liked "With a Bang," because the song started somber then like a "bang" the chorus broke the mold. "Ring the Alarm" and "Dance Called Lust" carried me away to a beach party in Jamaica. Their final song, "Blue Lagoon," was funky like the other but showcased a poppy chorus with the lyrics, "Follow me/ Follow me/ Follow me/ Follow me/ Into the/ Blue Lagoon."

Animated Orange is eye-opening and ear-catching, especially since they have only been playing together for two months. Animated Orange's older lineup, with a different bassist, won the Championship Records Battle of the Bands on Aug. 31.

All members are striving to be full-time musicians, but for now they play about two shows a month and have outside paying jobs. Other local bands they have shared the stage with include Exact Change, Tsunami Rising, and Tracing Faces.

Animated Orange is music to chill to, jam to, or soothe your old-school rock 'n' roll soul. "After a long hard days of work, [our music]'s better than a cup of coffee … it relaxes you and brings you back down to earth," said Perez.

Future plans include releasing a demo, tours, and "let everybody hear what AO's got," said Perez. Catch a live show at Atlantic City's Ducktown Tavern on Dec. 7 or watch them battle bands at Le Grand Fromage on Dec. 28, also in Atlantic City. For more band information, list of shows, merchandise, and musicvisit

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