An Internal Denial

An Internal Denial


Our music is a new sound with a mix of influences from Underoath, Emery, The Classic Crime, Thursday, Sliverstein, Chiodos and many more! We have a hardcore sound like no other and we can really get a crowd going and into a show!


We are called An Internal Denial for a reason. We chose this name as a band to represent what everyone has to do... in order to be with God... We must deny ourselves. Our CD title is MORE THAN BLOOD! This represents Jesus Christ's blood and how its not just blood... but a symbol for our salvation and the reason we are alive and here on this earth. We formed as a band in August of 2006 and we have flourished from there... playing with big name bands such as Zebrahead, Authority Zero, Patent Pending, Tokyo Rose, Kiros, The Human Flight Commitee and many others. We have our own unique sound and a definite love for Christ. Each and every one of us has a different story of why they are the devout Christian that they are today! We all draw in from so many different musical influences as well. This has all formed our unique sound. We can also put on one HECK of a show for any audience size! WE can get a crowd amped for anything! We just have an incredible live stage presence.


More Than Blood

Written By: An Internal Denial

I cant feel my hands
everything's going numb
subzero's freezing
and i'm drowning in a pool of my blood
cut off from the rest of the world
i stuggle to find your face
he came down to the world
to put us back in our place

i'm not afraid to die today
Im standing here with unshaken faith

a crimson stain on the carpet
a hole in my heart
this dagger in my back
and all i can see is stars
wether were alive or
breathing without cause
ill always remember this night
even through afterlife

The Inconvenience of a Loving Heart

Written By: An Internal Denial

I've only begun to start
Your pressure is on my heart
Like my music, you will flow
Through my veins and through my soul

The actions that i take
Will make or break my fate
I know what i wish to do
I wish to follow you

With our hearts, We learn to love

With our hearts, We get free will
We learn to love, so it can be real

Unfaithfulness, I will go through
But I'll take your hand, and live for you

Patience is a virtue
But i am sick and tired of waiting
Silence is the unseen truth
So don't close your eyes

I need your help, I need your strength
I need your guidance
I want to fall, I want to break
I want to give into his games
I want to leave you in this place
But i still want Mercy and Grace!

Let them last, throughout the night
Let them see, without a fight
Let them find, themselves inside

Its just the inconvenience of a loving heart.

A Perfect Reflection

Written By: An Internal Denial

So u think that I (would stand upon your word)
To love your people as yourself
I just can't this pressure (That's been building inside of me)
Will you please release me!

Its been a cold winter
The snows been falling
Everyone is calling on me

I can't even stand beside you
Without breaking down

It seems like i am so useless
Its seems like i am so broken
I wish i had your strength

So what do i do now
Relinquish at your feet
I surrender, Surrender

Dripping blood from a 2 by 4
Hanging in suspense
Forsaken because of me, because of you, Forsaken because of everyone

It's been a cold winter
The snow has been falling

I know, what I've been waiting for
the truth, the news, the urge, the feeling inside
that makes me break down
That makes us who we are
That makes us feel your presence
That makes us know you are here
You are here!


Our only CD we have out is entitled

More Than Blood EP

It is due to be released in January or February of 2007

Set List

All Songs Duration
Inevitable 3:30
More Than Blood 4:00
Sitting in Your Shadow 4:00
Inconvenience of a Loving Heart 4:30
Oh, Sacrificial Heart 4:00
A Perfect Reflection 4:30
Because of You (Jesus) 4:30

Set time is usually 25-30 minutes ... about 5-6 songs