An Introduction to Sunshine

An Introduction to Sunshine

 Longwood, Florida, USA

Nostalgic fusion of 1950's waltz rock and indie rock. While pulling influences from The Velvet Underground, The Beach Boys, Grizzly Bear, and Leonard Cohen, An Introduction To Sunshine achieves the soothing simplicity of their predecessors while incorporating the angst of post-modernity.


It was the blistering hot florida summer of 2006 when Michael Serrin, Chandler Strang, and Travis Reed decided to start a band, taking the name of Michael's solo project "An Introduction to Sunshine." Meanwhile, David Plakon came down from Nashville for summer vacation from college. David and Chandler had known each other for a very long time and played in their first band together at 14, and Chandler asked David to record their demo. Soon after David hopped on the bass and the band began playing around their hometown of Orlando. After some complications, Travis Reed left the band and lead guitarist Mike Senejoa stepped in his shoes. The band continued establishing a following in central Florida, making appearances at some of the larger venues. Sunshine went on a hiatus when drummer Chandler Strang left to live in Australia for 6 months. Upon his return, they began recording their first official release the "Everything's Been Done" E.P. which was released on their first show back on March 16th 2008. With a newfound fervor generated from the contemplative break, the band is on its way to conquer the southeast.

In the time since their last release, An Introduction to Sunshine has refined their sound and Added a new member, Stephen Garza. They're preparing to release two EP's in the first half of 2011, the first is tentatively titled "Snow Tire"


Demo 06 released september 06

"Everything's Been Done" EP released March 16th 2008

"Snow Tire" To Be Released in January 2011

Set List

Original Set List:
Everything's Been Done
Cast Me Away
Time is Frozen
Dream We Call Real
Clock Hands Without Arms
Weighed Down
Icy Rock

Our sets are generally 30-50 min long, we do some classic, 90's, and modern covers such as Johnny Cash, Weezer, The Strokes, Frank Sinatra, Marcy's Playground, Sublime, and Third Eye Blind.