Anique Granger

Anique Granger


Guitarist & singer Anique Granger creates musical tales inspired from her Saskatchewan Prairies and newer urban landscapes. On Pepins, her most recent CD, and 1st solo, the ex-Polly-Esther is backed with a bass/drum/guitar team to offer her own blend f finger-picking, lap-steel and live sampling.


Anique GRANGER serves her unique folk made of finger-picking guitar, seasoned with live sampling. Of course, the Saskatchewan Prairies creator sings about friendship & love, yet she also delivers urban tales, still praising simplicity and authenticity -- at once candid and profoundly human. And always, she offers real guitar playing.
In 2008, Anique launched Pépins, her first solo album recorded with accomplice, multi-instrumentalist Shawn Sasyniuk. Previously, in 2006, Anique produced 2 EP – one in French and one in English, both bearing her original material. Anique also co-founded Polly-Esther, a duo she lead from 1995, with whom she released 3 CDs.
Since 2005, Anique leads solo, but from the very beginning, busking in the streets of Saskatoon to Geneva's Voix de Fête Festival, from small or larger stages in Europe and from Montreal to Vancouver, Anique never ceased to leave her mark in the heart of audiences.
Awards & Distinctions : 2009 – Best Western Canadian Artist; Canadian Association of Music Professionals / 2008 – Finalist, Best French Album; A.Granger - Pépins, Western Canadian Music Awards / 2006 – Semi-finalist, Francouvertes Montréal / 2003 - Best French Album; Polly-Esther, Les cent pas, Western Canadian Music Awards / 1994 – Semi-finalist, Festival international de la chanson de Granby / 1994 & 1993 - Best Singer-Songwriter, Gala fransaskois de la chanson.


Pepins - Production La Grange, 2008
Les Cent Pas, C-Show, 2003

Set List

2 x 45min. to 1 hour sets.
All original material, where French/English proportion varies according to promoters/auditions preferences.

Some 'selected classics', in the likes of Johnny Cash rarities.