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an native band playing rock'folk genre music since 1997. On tour int he year of 1999, 2000 til 2005, workin in a third album and a new tour. It's a band with a lot to give in the field of rock scene. Songs are the value of what they beleive, original.


The influence came through Johnn Lennon, John Fogerty, John Mallencamp, John Cafferty and John Kee.

The band compose and sing they own materiel from thoses influences with they mixe with the roots music from the nativity (First NAtion ground's)


Nadegan (The other shore)

Written By: J Noé Mitchell

Our territoy
Pekan aji ijînagoo
is not what it use to be
Mi ènendemik, Ki mashkwizimegan
That's what we see now
Ka mizinatèsek
since TV took a lot a place

Ki mateziwinan
Our way's of life
Pekan Kèwin ijînagoon
It doe'snt look the same
Kodek mateziwin
Another way of life
Ki zam’shkananan
surround us all over

Nagegam èdi kida inikojîhèman
And return sould be took
Kedji wapidemik ka mino pegashimok
To see the good side of the sunset
Kidje mekamik kwekatéziwin
To find a new turning point
Kedji kikendamik, ke ijî madjahik
To find the new wisdom of we're we have to go on

Mendo (Creator)

Written By: J Noé Mitchell

Mendo niwi ndendan
Creator, i'm asking you
mashkwiziwin oma
a force fron your spirit
Pijan widekajen
Come and help me
Mendo miwi ndedan,
Creator, i want
kidje mino matezihan
a good healthy life

Mendo pijan oma
Creator, come in me
minejen mashkwizihin
and gine me straigh
Pijan widokajen
come and help me
Mendo pijan oma
Creator, come reenforce
minejen sokideshkazowin
my soul and spirit


Nadegam (they other shore) PEKESHEMOON
Mamedenenden (Reflexion) Anishnabe, songs to be hear at :

Set List

1) Nadegam/N Mitchell
2) Kekigapwi/L Poucachiche
3) Kijateben/N Mitchell
4) Makiziwin/L Poucachiche
5) Mendo/N Mitchell
6) Aje Nagoon/L Poucachich
7) Tehegan/L Poucachiche
8) Anishnabewin/L Poucachi