Anita Baker

Anita Baker


I have loved the "ole" country sound since I was a child and continue to do's in my blood.....a true country gal...... literally!!! Music is my true passion in life and I hope someday to be able to share my experience with an audience, especially my family.


I am a true country girl, always have been and always will be. My influences include Patsy Cline.....The Judds, Alison Krauss, Loretta Lynn, Hank Snow, Johnny Cash, Travis Tritt, Willie Nelson, Dwight Yokam, Merle Haggard, Reba McEntire, Keith Whitley and my list goes on. What sets me apart?... I would have to say it is that I have a passion for music not only because of how I feel in my heart when I sing, but it never ends, non's my life long dream. It is truly a spiritual experience. I have written tons of songs and enjoy waking up every morning and writing's one of the most important loves in my life!!!
My STORY: I have grown up listening to my dad sing and play to us.....the typical kitchen party. Unfortunately he was an alcoholic and passed away at 39 when I was nine years old. But my fondest memories are of us singing together with family and friends. I was the very shy one and have only "Come Out" with my singing recently, as I have not had the confidence to do so before. I have a very musical son and want him to believe in himself and not give up on his dream to become a successful musician. He believes in me and says "just go for it mom, it's never too late." That is my make my children proud and for them to realize that no matter what others may tell you, that you can do anything or become anyone that your heart desires. Thank you


I Want an Ole Fashioned Christmas

Written By: Anita Baker

I Want an Ole Fashioned Christmas

I want an ole fashioned Christmas
Like Grandpa’s used to be
Singing carols round the woodstove
Drinkin eggnog, sippin tea
Makin homemade ornaments
From popcorn, cranberries
Family members taking turns
Lighting candles on the tree

Grandma baking cookies
For little ones to eat
As they peek inside the oven
Waiting for their special treat

Listening to Jesus’ story
How He died to set us free
No other love like His love
Will you find on Christmas Eve

Outside playing in the snow
Making angles, sliding free
A carrot for the snowman’s nose
Button eyes so he could see

Stockings filled with fruit and candy
Children laugh excitedly
As they open their special gift
From money saved so lovingly

The most special part of Christmas
Family, friends it would be
Loving hearts, hugs and kisses
The best of memories