Anita Ferrer/Asbury Park Angel

Anita Ferrer/Asbury Park Angel

 Browns Mills, New Jersey, USA

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I'm a ONE-Woman show performing a FULL COVER, Originals OR a mix of "UNPLUGGED" acoustic (covers & originals) MIX. I'm VERY versatile in accommodating ALL your patrons entertainment


ANITA FERRER, Asbury Park Angel
A life found!

Contrast – A word that specifically defines the difference of life lost and life found. ANITA FERRER, singer/songwriter/fashion designer has concentrated on bringing the many extensions of both her life experience and her gifts into one space. The transformation that she has gone through has overshadowed the many struggles. All the while, giving ANITA a firm platform to write about, photograph, speak on, stand upon and sing out loud. With a belief rich in relationship with her Creator, Anita moves freely, upward and outward. The true flight of an artist that is free to create.

Born in Germany, eldest of three sisters Anita’s life has been shaped by her past, present and now future. The flux of her music tells this story out loud through song. With a distinct sound that has been shaped by way of influences from the world of jazz, rock, Latin and folk, the artistry of ANITA FERRER is as unique as her music. “My gift is to help everyone discover their greatness!” exclaims Anita. Her musical influences include Evanescence, Jewel, Alanis Morissette and Heart, to name a few. The songwriter part of her brings forth prolific words spoken by an artist that truly wants to polish the mirror for all to clearly see what was and what can be. With songs like “Shelter in the Rain”, she helps to put directive signs on the road that life steers you on. The lyrics of “Brand New Beautiful” speak for itself, words that every young girl/woman who has struggled with the view they have of themselves can relate to. With true conviction to both her venture and her vision, Anita Ferrer is an artist that will deliver.

ANITA, experiencing life before in an afflicted cocoon, has now entered the stage in metamorphosis that brings freedom, flight and the desire to fly. Having played in acclaimed jazz houses such as The Oakland House Restaurant, Red Bank, Cool Beans Coffeehouse, Toms River, along with appearances at the Clearwater Jazz & Blues Festivals, Asbury Park, NJ, she is not a newcomer to her genre. Robert Greco, administrator, Universal Rehabilitation, Livingston, NJ, beams, “Anita - thanks so much for all the kind words and your relentless giving. It is people like you that make Universal such a special place.” The struggle of those with physical handicaps inspired her to write, “Nobody Sees.”

Melding her gift of fashion and photography with her music has brought another value to her vision. Her overall goal is to work with those who have been exposed to the challenges and difficulties that attach themselves to young life. Using these modes to witness to youth regarding real victory over peer pressure, self-confidence, eating disorders, chastity, child abuse, domestic violence and the aspect of transformation with a life filled with Christ, ANITA speaks from experience, thus showing, through all her gifts, a life that has experienced change resulting in freedom.

Her upcoming plans include bringing to her audience her current venture, the MOD PROPHET CD, A Compelling Voice for This Generation, which expose absolute truths and ways to overcome. A true “out of the box” rendering of “been there, worn that tee-shirt” and how to receive a whole new line of change to wear. Whether you tune into or spin one of Anita’s four cd’s, or purchase one of her creative fashions or photographs for your pleasure, you will find that the word “contrast” truly connects with your senses. You would be remiss to not choose this experience and see what change, with a life of newness can domino to you!

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Here is a partial List of my "COVERS" repertoire for appropriate for your "COVER" patrons

1.Innocence, Complicated Avril Lavigne
2. I’m With You Avril
3. You're beautiful Jim blunt
4. Thank You Dido
5. Here With Me DIDO
6. Game of LOVE Michelle Branch & Carlos Santana
7. Everywhere Michele Branch
8. The World I Know Collective Soul
9. Peaceful easy feeling Eagles
10 You've got a Freind James Taylor
11. Learn to Fly Foo Fighters
12. Say John Meyer
13. THE REASON Hoobastank
14. Dreams Fleetwood Mac
15 Wild Horses Rolling Stones
16. Angie Rolling Stones
17. My Sacrifice Creed
18 Mr. Jones Counting Crows


Policing the Other

Written By: Anita Ferrer


Scrutinizing every action. You look too hard for your biased meaning.
Policing every nuance of conversation, body language and love’s destination.

So you know that deep inside I got somethin’ good, you’re a little bit jealous you wanna steal it away

Well you better think hard the way you should. release that power in your life, change it from night to day.

CHORUS: Live and let live, live and let live 4X’s

Making mountains out of molehills. You stand your ground as if it were life and death.
Everybody’s wrong and you’re so right. It don’t matter as long as you get your way.
So you know that deep inside I got somethin’ good, You’re a little bit jealous you wanna steal it away.
Well you better think hard, the way you should, release that power in your life, change it from night to day.

He that is without sin cast the first stone
Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God

Til It Happens to You

Written By: Anita Ferrer


You’re not listening, your heart’s made up your mind.
You’‘ll on;y see what you want to see, you won’t try to search or find.
So you’d formed that first impression that, that will stay set on your mind.
Discounting any damage to the person you’d maligned.

If it doesn’t hurt you. It doesn’t matter, cause it’s someone else.
What goes around, will surely come around. Til happens to you.

Tragedy’s just a distant occurrence to some other guy.
A prayer from afar, be fed and warmed, you non-chalantly sigh.
Their lonely desolate path is affecting and ignored by you,
Until the shoe is on your foot this time, until it happens to you.

Accusations, vicious rumors, misconceptions, the like.
They don’t affect you, til it happens to you.

For we called to partake of each others wounds
And only then can beauty come from the ashes of the tombs.
I feel like you’ve severed me like a dismembered limb
And you left me there to bleed for your conscience has grown dim.


Written By: anita ferrer


Don’t waste your life. Don’t be stupid. You don’t have to imitate or idolize.
Just trivialize the hype and the lies.
Find your own voice your own style. Walk alone for a while.
Now you’re in high school following the guys just to be cool, but are ya?
You’re really a coward inside, hitchin a ride, like a parasite, COOL CITY.

Coolness and sex, You’re frustrated and vexed, but do ya know why?
It’s cool, It’s absurd, Take a hit, check it out. Check it out.
Seething in the melting pot, blurring the edges, teetering on the ledges
of the hotel roof.
You close your eyes and scream. Is this a nightmare or spoof?
This ain’t no dream this roller coaster ride. So ya dive into the bosom of Frankenstein’s bride.
Spinning outa control like a top,, Flippin out on crack.
She smiled like an angel, said “you won’t make it back”.
A decade down the line, you feel so benign, HIV positive on the streets and at night.
Sharing your space with the neighborhood rats, forget those jazz cats that you used to jam.
(Your main man Sam. Well those cats are all gone with a number one song.
Cause you went and sold your fender & thought that you’d lend her
Your pad for the night.
Had a fight and you hit her, She called you trash and a quitter, (How Poignant”)
She was pregnant, you left town, became stagnant. An dyour rage is now rampant.
By next year your standing on stage., knowing what the brothers crave when the crowds thin out.
Your ego loaded and bloated like a soaring balloon.
You lust for glorification as you tan on vacation, Howlin in revelry like a wolf at the moon.

As your saga continues, your aids stigma will be your demise,
And you pray to the skies as your brain continues to fry.
Now you come to this place, cause you followed the crowd. Are you proud?
Some want to spit in your face as you sqaunder your wealth on yourself.

The bell rings as you file in the line.and you turn and you learn,
your name’s not written in the Book, take a look.
As the ancient of ages sits on His throne, He turns to Saint Peter, says, “throw ‘im a bone”
He ain’t written in the Book of Life, cause his best friend was his knife.
“Be gone, I know you not. Sorry to say you’ve been bought”.You’ve been caught,
In the net of the angel of light who desguised and mesmerized with his voluptuous lies.
Listen up, listen up, before you take...that...first...trip!
To Cool City.


Written By: Anita Ferrer


I’ve prayed for a lifetime to find someone like you.
Who wouldn’t be afraid to dig deep for the truth.
He had to be faithful, face fears head on.
And when I look in your eyes, I know I’m not wrong.

Nothing, nothing, compare to you.
You’re the sweetest answer to my lifetime prayer.
Nothin, nothing compare to you.
You’re the sweetest answer to my lifetime prayer.

We’re standing in the wind, you caress my face.
You shield me from the cold and we are locked in embrace.
Our hair is windswept up away, but we ignore the chill. I pray our love
will stay forever that it’s the Father’s will.

Time passed and things have taken a dive,
but I want you to know that our love will survive.

You’re the unusual kind, you’re deep in all seasons.
A vibe or a glance you say they all have their seasons,
but I love the way you meld with me when we’re on the same page.
My songs soothe your angry soul, rage assuaged.


SERENDIPITY, Pop/Jazz singles

1 ILL FLY HIGH AC, Pop/Rock &' Jazz/Pop
AC, Pop/rock, folk,
inspirational & Hip-hop
3 DEVOTION/One Small
Warrior CCM & Inspirational pop

Aggressive POP/Rock


Lifetime Prayer
I've Come Here to Worship
Contemporary Christin single
Til it Happens to You
Urban Pop Single

Set List

1.Innocence, Complicated Avril Lavigne
2. I’m With You Avril
3. You're beautiful Jim blunt
4. Thank You Dido
5. Here With Me DIDO
6. Game of LOVE Michelle Branch & Carlos Santana
7. Everywhere Michele Branch
8. The World I Know Collective Soul