Anita Lynn Willis

Anita Lynn Willis

 Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., USA

Anita Lynn Willis has been singing and songwriting for over a decade. A native Texan, her songs have a strong country folk sense, and focus on simple melodies that emphasize the lyrics. Classically trained, and folk rooted, she has a voice that can stop you in your tracks.


Anita Lynn Willis has been singing all of her life, and writing songs for over half of it. She was raised on Southern Baptist Church hymns, and classical composers, but still managed to find her roots in folk. As a musical theatre performer, she developed a strong stage presence, and a unique ability to deal with whatever comes her way. Many years singing and arranging for a cappella groups, has given Anita a great feel for voice blending, and an ability to harmonize with any song. Her melodies are frequently augmented with close knit harmonies.

Anita's lyrics are simple, and close to the heart. She deals with everyday emotions and pains with a sincere empathy, and some definite first hand knowledge. People relate to her words set to song with genuine smiles and sometimes, tears.


My Offering

Written By: Anita Lynn Willis

I offer you this simple song

I offer you this prayer.

To lift you up when things are wrong

and life seems so unfair

may peace be with you tonight

my love will see you through

and though some things are not quite right

you know I'll be with you

I give to you this simple song

I give to you this prayer

to help you on when days grow long

and life is more than you can bear

may peace be with you tonight

and joy fill you anew

and though the stars seem none to bright

you know I'm there with you

I sing to you this simple song

i sing to you this prayer

to hold you up when you're not strong

and your heart is in despair

may peace be with you tonight

and your soul renewed.

and though we part at dawn's first light

you know I'm still with you

Ride the Unicorn

Written By: Anita Lynn Willis

Grow up with everything, happiness and love

Leads you to dance and sing, gifts given from above

Living without a care, who's to decide

where you will go from there, and who will be your guide


Grow up with nothing, anger and hate

makes you for fighting, can't seem to relate

Living without a care, who's to decide

if you even have a prayer, cause everybody lies

Ride the unicorn, or close the door

Life's the universe, you don't know what's in store.

Passing with everything, Family close by

your heart sighs, and softly sings, and you say don't cry

Dying without a care, and who's gonna know

Where you might go from there, and what blessings you've bestowed


Passing with nothing, Alone on the street,

you're so tired of fighting, but can't seem to retreat

Dying without a care, and who's gonna know

where you will go from there, there's nothing left to show


Smoking a Cigarette

Written By: Anita Lynn Willis

Smoking a cigarette. Standing in the rain.

Waiting for something he'll never see again.

Alone on the street. Back turned against the wind

Looking for someone he'll never see again.

The match flares up bright, hands cup it to stay dry

He lights his cigarette, and looks up at the sky.

Clouds cover the stars, while mist lines the street.

The steady rain comes down, forming puddles at his feet


It was a night much like this, so very long ago

He said, drive safe, I'll see you, be careful on the road

She smiled, and with a kiss, she slowly drove away

her taillights in the dark were the last he saw that day


The ash burns down slow, and he really should go in.

Back where there're friends and warmth, and shelter from the wind

But memories are strong, and seem to have their way,

So he lights a new from old, and in the rain he stays.


Chocolate Bayou

Written By: Anita Lynn Willis

I'm driving into the setting sun. Everything looks like flame
I'm headed back to where I'd begun in my search for fortune and fame
It's been a long time since i've driven this road. but my wheels seem to know the way
I'm worn out, and tired, from hauling this load, it seems all i can do is pray

That you'll be there when I turn down that drive
And you'll be there to make me feel alive
Please be there cause I'm coming home to you
And the heron flies against the sky on the road 'cross chocolate bayou

My back is tired and aching. my hands are worn out too.
Too many days of playing, my songs are all about you
I can't remember when i held you in my arms. Seems it's been a year or three.
the traveling road has lost its charms. all I want is you with me

The texas gulf air wraps around me, as i head down the county road
Was a day and a lifetime that I left tennessee, and followed to where the rivers flow
The signs are familiar, the water's nearby, I can almost see our place
you're just around the corner, all i want to do is cry, and let you wipe the tears from my face

I pull up to the house, there's not a light inside. Guess you must be asleep
I come inside in secret, wanting the surprise, headed to the bedroom I creep
Softly, very gently, I open up the door, the moonlight spills in the room
it pours across the empty bed, and fills the empty drawers, my home has become a tomb

cause you weren't there when i turned down the drive
And you're not there to make me feel alive
Why aren't you there, when i've come home to you?
And the heron cries against the sky, on the road 'cross chocolate bayou