Anna Bell

Anna Bell



“There’s no ignoring Danish performing songwriter Anna Bell. Both her lithe, statuesque stage presence (reminiscent of a professional dancer) and intense, inflected blues phrasing (bringing to mind Billy Holiday), demands, as much as draws, the audience s attention. And with songs as solid and sensually packed as Drive (co- written with Los Angeles songwriter James Hurley), the result is spellbinding.”

- Brett Perkins, Listening Room Concert Series

“Her Southern California shows have turned heads. On the vibrant Los Angeles music scene, where everybody has already heard everything, little is truly new. But on two tours, Anna Bell hit town with her strong original songs and showed the locals there are places they haven’t gone.”

– Larry Wines Tied to the Tracks radio


The singles, 'Lovemaker', 'Gold' and 'Some Girls'.

Set List

Kill him with Love
Are you still Mine?
My Affair
Get it right
Mess of Mine
Some Girls
Poker Face (Cover by Lady Gaga)
Stoppin' the Love (Cover by KT Tunstall)