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"Annabella Songs of Goodbye LP review by Franklin Morris"

Songs of Goodbye is Annabella’s second record and their most fragile and poetic to date. While the piano-and-drums, husband-and-wife, duo from Georgetown TX is closer musically to bands like The Sundays and Mazzy Star, they will no doubt draw immediate comparisons to the Quasi / Mates Of State camp based on dynamic alone. Terri Dittmar’s voice, undoubtedly the focus of the record, sits atop a rich and beautiful reverberated soundscape of Rhodes-piano sustain, flute, and soft, distant, guitar arpeggios, which together make for a beautiful listening experience. The production is certainly strong point of this record adding lush layers of reverbs and vibratos tastefully to build the record’s atmosphere. Drums are organic and sparse, never intrusive. Highlights of this album include La Ciudad, Fading Away, and It Comes Down. Descriptive lyrics help paint a stark and bold picture of the author’s world, which is sad but not morbid. The album ends with words of poetic insight, “If you conquer this world you m,will still have nothing, but if you love someone you’ll die a hero.” As the record draws to a close these words breathe optimism into the final moments Annabella shares with the listener, as if to say all of the many goodbyes were worth it. - Austin Music Magazine

"Collected Sounds Top 25 (2005)"

This is a really good CD to just relax with. Sip a glass of wine, close your eyes and just let it wash over you. Stand out songs: Lost you, You're Still Laughing, See You Again. But if you like one, you'll probably like them all. - Collected Sounds, Amy Lotsberg

"Girlie Action 2005"

"Songs" gives their sweet, sometimes folkie, sometimes dreamy sound an
unexpected thematic strength ("Underneath", "Life is Sitcom") as engaging as
it is listenable. Think Innocence Mission and Mazzy Star minus the gloom
and with a spot of Texas sunshine. - Austin Chronicle, Margaret Moser

"10+ on the hip-ometer"

Criminal, simply criminal. Not this album but my behavior in waiting so long to review it. My crime is somewhat abated because almost everyone else missed this album entirely. With all the problems and requests I had last year it was only over Christmas that I finally got to listen to this and I sat spellbound and transfixed by what I heard. What I was hearing was one of the most lovely, touching and impassioned albums to delight my ears in some time. This Texas husband and wife band often and immediately get compared to the Sundays, and while Terri Dittmars voice does at times bear a strong resemblance to Harriet Wheeler, Harriets is more angst ridden while Terris soars with an angelic beauty. It is an instrument this woman knows how to wield. I mean WOW, this thing is just heaping with gobs of ravishing beauty. Musically it falls someplace between an ambient soft rock and folk but the arrangements are quite unique and well thought out and include a number of imaginative touches, such as over emphasising the fret/string slide noises on Lost You so much they intentionally become part of the musical structure of the song. If a word was to come to mind when thinking of this album it would be inspired. Inspired in the way it is sung, and instantly catching in it's pop hooks and melodic beauty. It takes you on a walk thru the darkest places, but Terris voice is like a tinkerbell in a lantern which comforts and keeps you walking towards the promise of hope at the end of that long dark road. Had I done my job and reviewed this last year it would certainly have been in my top ten list. I was going to retro that decision but since nobody has yet apparently discovered this gem yet and they are going on tour for it this spring I will include it in this years final, and it WILL be there. A genuine treasure and a must own.
Label ~ Las Olas, 10 Tracks, 2005


"best american band, period."

..." My God do I love this womans voice! It's both sexy, womanly, lovely, kind, charitable, innocent and knowing all at the same time. It purrs, it growls and it can cut thru you like butter and wash your soul in it's beauty. Every song is a winner, but I was especially slain by Soaked which has to be one of my favorite tracks period. It is so sultry, and the demo like quality of this recording adds a texture of warmth to this song in particular which is simply rapturous. And lets not forget her husband pens some brilliant accents as the music is perfect and well thought out. Wonderful, imaginative touches highlight just where they are needed, but no more than is needed. Every sound, every nuance, is deliberate and perfect. And this was a rehearsal!? Get this and their debut as well if you don't have that yet either. What's more, if you are reading this on the new reviews page and not the archives they are touring now, so go see them if you can because right now this is the best American band there is, period. Tour dates are on my news page. -

" April 2008"

“The Texas based husband / wife duo Annabella makes lovely indie pop that really reminds me of Innocence Mission, Mojave 3, maybe Sarah McLaughlin a little. Later into the CD, on “Just So You Know”, I realized that The Sundays comparison was entirely valid as well. The music is understated and dreamy, a bit of a departure from other up-tempo indie duos like Viva Voce and Quasi. Piano and other instruments add nice touches. For me, Terri Dittmar’s voice falls into that category of exquisitely beautiful…it’s such an undeniably pretty album.” - April 2008

"Step Forward for Annabella"

"Say Goodnight/ is undoubtedly a step forward for Annabella. The duo may have moved in a “full-band” direction with this record, but still knows when to keep things simple, and hasn’t lost sight of what matters most: the songwriting. While this new direction is admittedly darker, it still feels authentic, never contrived or calculated. Melancholy, melodic, and catchy - /Say Goodnight/ is the rare album that sticks in your head, while it stabs at your heart."
Franklin Morris, AUSTINSOUND - June 2008 - Austin Sound

"Really pretty music"

"Annabella continue in the task of creating really pretty music. I know ‘pretty’ is not a very useful term, but, well, it fits. It’s very peaceful, calming. I think I can actually feel my heart rate slowing. My doctor will be so happy. But I don’t want you to think this means it’s dull or sleepy. It’s not. Dreamy, yes… but sleepy no. And yes, that’s possible. It’s just beautiful. The melodies are charming and that gorgeous voice will keep you mesmerized in a very good way"..."They have carved out a nice niche for themselves."
Amy Lotsberg, producer, COLLECTED SOUNDS - June 2008 - Collected Sounds

"Girlie Action 2008"

"Annabella isn't a solo act but rather a Georgetown-based husband-and-wife team whose gorgeous Songs of Goodbye was one of 2005's local gems. The duo returns with Say Goodnight, another shade of their charming melancholy reminiscent of 1990s bands like the Sundays. Terri Dittmar's voice is soft gold, malleable and smooth on "Sun Is King," "Carousel," the two mixes of "Peach Tree," and "Say Goodnight." There's a New Age touch in the fey instrumentation, heavy on keyboards, but it's enticing, never mushy, and as warmly satisfying as a red-wine-and-candles snuggle with your lover. "
Margaret Moser, AUSTIN CHRONICLE, “Girlie Action” - May 2008 - Austin Chronicle


Self-Titled EP, 2002
"Songs of Goodbye" LP, 2005
"Put on your Pajamas" EP, 2006
"Say Goodnight" LP, 2008

KVRX 91.7



annabella, a husband-wife indie-pop duo from Georgetown, TX, started writing songs together in the late 1990's and completed their first self-titled EP in 2002. In the years to follow, the couple continued writing annabella songs & played on other projects that made their way through their studio, las olas recordings. 2005 rolled around, as did their second album, “Songs of Goodbye.” This release sent them on the road, touring theaters, coffee shops, and indie-clubs from Athens to NYC.

The band's most recent release, "Say Goodnight," was recorded at the couple's 24-track home analog studio 25 miles north of Austin. The album includes several of Tim and Terri’s friends----guitarist Anderson Bracht (bo bud greene, everything's gone green), bassist Joshua Zarbo (Spoon, Future Clouds and Radar), electronic landscape artist Meason Wiley (deadwaiter), cellist Jim Korioth (Tiny Tin Hearts) and guitarist Dave Wirth.