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"The Metal Allaince Tour"

“I went to the Metal Alliance Tour primarily to see Dying Fetus and Job for a Cowboy and when I got to Amos', the line at the door had stretched around the block (this was a good sign). As I finally made my way to the door I could hear some music coming from inside and knew it was nothing that I'd heard before. So, I get into the venue and on the stage is a band I'd never seen before but they absolutely had it going on, high energy on stage, great music, amazing musicianship all the way around. I started to ask around to find out who they were and not very many people knew but everyone was enjoying the show. Come to find out the band was Annabell Leigh from Mooresville, NC. I had no idea they existed and now that I've seen them I must say that they are one of the best locals I've seen in a very long time. If you haven't heard them or seen them live this is a must!” - unknown


Annabell Leigh (Self-Titled) EP
"As It Goes"
"Eternal Whispers"
"My Shadow"
"Through Misery"

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It all started with an idea, a vision, and a common goal. Chino and Jim (the two guitarists) met in Charlotte, NC and started to create the sound known as Annabell Leigh. Chino, from Houston, TX, had started the writing process prior to meeting Jim. Chino played in bands in the Fayetteville/Fort Bragg area and having grown tired of musicians that just weren’t willing to be dedicated to a band, he moved to Charlotte hoping to find something different.
Jim was coming from a very similar situation, relocating to Charlotte from the New England area. When Jim and Chino met and started playing, the two quickly realized that they had the same goals and visions and things began to move forward quite rapidly. After writing music throughout the winter months and searching endlessly for a drummer out of the blue came Hugo, from Moorseville, NC.
He had had a very similar past as well, having been in many bands that just couldn’t seem to hold things together. Along with Hugo came one of his long-time friends and former band-mate Krom who filled the bass guitar spot. The final piece of the band was still missing but after some searching, Sid, originally from Maryland, came through and took the vocalist spot in the band.
While collaborating on writing the best music they could, Annabell Leigh started to evolve into something beyond everyone’s expectations. With an abundance of talent and experience from every corner of the band, the ideas and creations that were at hand were challenging and intriguing to everyone. There seemed to be a constant push toward progression and quality sound that became clearer with each new song and idea brought to the writing table.
The band took the name "Annabell Leigh" from Edgar Allen Poe's love for his mistress. Everyone in the band shares the passion and love for music that reaches even beyond this world. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, they create an original sound and powerful lyrics that tell a story as well as an experience that people can relate to.
Nationals that Annabell Leigh has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with ; Devil Driver, Dying Fetus, 3 Inches of Blood, Job For A Cowboy, The Faceless