anna byars band

anna byars band


a unique combination of mature, insightful songwriting grounded by a driving rhthym section with powerful live shows complemented by lush, thoughtful recordings.


the anna byars band formed in the fall of 2002 when anna decided to beef up her solo performances with a back up band. adding bass player jeff first, the duo spent a few months arranging anna's songs before adding tim on drums that winter. with the trio fully formed, the band hit every viable bar in baton rouge before hooking up with "girl gang productions" in new orleans for a few amazing shows. the anna byars band released their first EP ("i am my own twin) in 2005, but returned to the studio almost immediately in the interest of getting a more professional set of recordings. these recordings will be released in september of 2006.



Written By: anna byars

let's not pretend we still know each other,
let's not pretend we can will it back.
i can feel your distance beginning to smother
whatever chance we might have had.
i wish that i hadn't spent all my money
trying to find you after so long.
i can't even talk about this to anyone.
look what i've got more silence, more wrongs.

i want you to notice anything about me,
you won't believe how hard i fought.
then i played apathetic but that didn't work either.
now we've finally arrived and look what we've got.

you are thinly moving around in the kitchen,
gone for the day before anyone wakes.
avoiding, avoiding my interactions,
i don't want the souvenirs of your mistakes.
there was only so much you could put up with
before some unseen force made you back away.
did i waste all of those years just so this could happen?
when i left all the pain, i guess you thought you'd stay...


there was no way i could have known that you would be so unprepared.
my home was waiting for me
where i thought you'd be
building us a shelter, building us a shelter...



"i am my own twin" EP, 2005

Set List

typical set list: souvenirs, sky, moving, above the roar, miss out, the last of the junebugs, come to live, firecracker, 360, arizona, when i leave this bar

we usually do one set as part of a roster of bands (between 2 and 4 bands). each song is about 4 minutes, so we feel that 9-12 songs is an appropriate set list. we generally do not do covers, although there have been occasions when we have performed songs by other people. this is not typcial, however.