anna calvi

anna calvi


Anna Calvi sings dark passionate romantic pop whilst gently murdering her reverb-laced telecaster guitar


Anna Calvi’s unique blend of dark atmospheric romantic pop has already caught the attention of London’s elite; flanked by Ben Lovett of Mumford & Sons with whom she is recording an EP, and also by Mercury-Award-Nominated Dave Okumu of The Invisible with whom she recorded “No More Words”. Anna is currently writing songs in a dark underground basement using her trademark Telecaster guitar, vintage harmonium, and layers of choral like vocals and violins.

Anna Calvi’s intensely mesmerizing live performances also showcase her fierce mastery of the electric guitar, which continues to win over new audiences. Backed by Daniel Maiden-Wood on drums and Mally Harpaz on percussion / harmonium Anna has just finished a UK tour with Johnny Flynn, and supported Micachu and the Shapes (Rough Trade), The Golden Silvers (XL Recordings), The Invisible (Accidental Records), Laurel Collective (Domino Records), The Brute Chorus, Carina Round, and Kaki King to name a few.

“I'm half Italian, brought up in London, but spent a lot of time in Rome. All my family play music. My influences are Django Reinhardt, John McLaughlin, David Bowie, Nick Cave, Velvet Underground, Roy Orbison. Although I love pop music my guitar playing and song writing is also heavily influenced by classical music, namely Messeian, Ravel, and Debussy.

I see my songs as mini films; I want to take the listener into another world for the space of a song. I always want to create a real sense of atmosphere. It is really important to me that the music dictates the story as much as the lyrics do - much like a film score. Both musically and visually I want to evoke a sense of passion, I'm interested in portraying romance which at the same time feels mysterious and sometimes dark; the songs often summon a sense of outside danger, of forces which you can't control, at the same time within a landscape which sounds beautiful.“



Written By: Anna Calvi

I want to go to the sun
Holding my life like I've never done
But it's just the devil in me
The devil that's calling as I come undone
The sky is getting dark with night
Darker than the fear that's going to pull us apart
But beating is the sound of love
The sound of love is beating like a fevered heart.

And it's the fire, the fire, it's heavenly heavenly desire.


Blackout was played on Xfm's Xposure, by dj John Kennedy,who is a great supporter of Anna Calvi's music.

Set List

A typical half hour set would include:
Guitar instrumental/introduction
No More Words
I'll Be Your Man
Suzanne and I
Love Won't Be Leaving