Anna Coddington

Anna Coddington

 Auckland, Auckland, NZL

Bold, beautiful and just a little quirky indie-pop-rock songs with hints of beat based folk and country. Melodies. Harmonies. Realities.


Raglan at heart, but well recognized throughout the country, Anna has established a reputation as one of New Zealand’s true songwriters and performers. Since her release of Cat and Bird in 2011 Anna has been drawing on the collaborative projects she's been involved in (Fly My Pretties, Street Neighbourz, Dick Johnson's latest releases, and co-write with Dmitri Tikovoi (Paris)0 to create an album that shows her growth and progression.

Maintaining the quirky pop style that is uniquely Anna, the new material is more beats based and deeper in arrangement and creative exploration. Moving on from the previous guitar based rhythms to involve a great range instrumentally and musically.

She translates this musical progression seemlessly in her live show whether it be the two piece or full band versions of the show. Her energy and vibe are enchanting and her audience are embraced into the full experience. Word on the Street sums it up perfectly "she is an excellent songwriter, a deeply talented vocalist, and has a gorgeous unassuming style about her: one of New Zealand’s true treasures."

Anna Coddington is one of New Zealand’s foremost heroines of independent pop music, as is clearly evident on her debut, self-produced album “The Lake”, released in June 2008.

Anna has been quietly kicking around New Zealand’s music scene for some time now. She has been heard singing in the background of some well known tunes by New Zealand artists like Bic Runga, Anika Moa, SJD, Dimmer and more, or in the foreground of a handful of casually released pop gems by her former bands Handsome Geoffery and Duchess.

Anna grew up in the sleepy seaside town of Raglan, New Zealand. By age 11 her Dad had taught her the 4/4 rock beat and she was clanging away on the drums with gay abandon, by 14 she had wrangled a few guitar chords out of her Mum, and by age 16 she was fronting and writing for her first band, Handsome Geoffery.

Anna later filled the same roles in four piece band Duchess- a more mature and refined distillation of her talents. She co-produced, with Edmund McWilliams Jnr (aka. Ed Cake of Bressa Creeting Cake fame), the six-track "Duchess" E.P, which was released independently in 2005 and distributed by Rhythmethod. It included the singles “You Buried Me Alive” and “Raglan City” (which won the 2007 Juice TV “People’s Choice” award).

When Duchess disbanded in 2006, Anna toured nationally and internationally as support act and backing singer for other New Zealand artists, but by 2007 an overwhelming desire to focus her creative energy back into her own tunes took hold, and put into motion the process which culminated in her album, “The Lake”.

Ms Coddington has a unique talent for writing beautiful songs with a twist of reality, making "The Lake" a delightfully engaging album.

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The Lake

Written By: Anna Coddington

Take me out to the lake
Show me the water's clear
We don't need to be afraid
There's nothing hiding down there
Watching the summer sky
Reflect in your watery eyes
I could float here always if only
You would float by my side
I will not let you down

Hold up your head
So I can see your face
When I look into your eyes
I know I will be safe

We push ourselves off the shore
And watch everything grow small
With things in perspective now I know
They don't mean a thing at all
We watch the sky turning red
And think about why we're here
We found each other on accident
Turns out it was a good idea
I will not let you down

Hold up your head
So I can see your face
When I look into your eyes
I know I will be safe

And no one will see me floating
Out to the river as we
Drift right on out to the sea
Baby just you and me
And no one will see us floating
Out to the river as we
Drift right on out to the sea
Baby just you and me


Written By: Anna Coddington

Lay me to sleep in this bed
Soft and silent, I am free
Come back to life as I rest
Let the night bend over me

This is not the world I know
This wind blows with a strange sense
I watched my garden grow
Dark and low, it’s body bent

I dream I sink to the depths
Watch the light above disappear
I wake with fear in my chest
And feel strangers in the air

This is still the world we know
The wind will blow the dead leaves away
To let our garden grow
Tomorrow we can start again


"The Lake"- LP (2008 Tea Set Records)
"Duchess"- EP (released with former band Duchess, 2005 Tea Set Records)

Set List


Typical set length: 1 hour