Anna Coogan

Anna Coogan

 Ithaca, New York, USA
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Described as “Americana at its best” by Maverick Magazine, and "absolutely gorgeous" by the BBC, Anna Coogan is joined by some of the best session players in the world on her tours across the US, Europe, and the UK. Her recent record "The Nowhere, Rome Sessions" was recently topped KEXP's charts.


"Absolutely gorgeous!"- Iain Anderson, BBC 2 Scotland

"Beautiful! Who could resist the sound of that siren?"
Frank Hennessy - BBC Radio Wales

With three record releases, five European tours and hundreds of shows across the US (many done all by Greyhound Bus) in the last three years, Anna Coogans fierce work ethic is matched by her boundless creative energy and the shear joys she takes in performing. A former opera singer and field biologist, Anna takes her audience on a poignant and often emotional journey. From conquistadors haunting the ocean floor and ghost riders on the desert plains, to a frank look at the tragic consequences of abuse, to straight up love-em-and-leave-em in high-heels adventures, her songs and expressive voice have earned her a legion of fans across the world.

Never content to stick to one genre, Anna is described by roots authority No Depression as having chameleon-like knack for molding her music to a specific genres sound, and then for transcending that sound. She did this in 2005, with her first record (with band north19), the country-roots Glory, which earned her an in-studio on Seattle tastemaker station KEXPs Swinging Doors and weeks at the top of their charts. She returned in 2007 with Sleepwalker and in 2010 with The Nocturnal Among Us, which was produced by JD Foster (Calexico, Laura Cantrell) and debuted at #1 on the Euro-Americana charts.

Her 2011 release, The Wasted Ocean (produced by Evan Brubaker) was described as album of the year by the Sheffield Star (UK) and absolutely gorgeous by BBC Radio2s Iain Anderson, received extensive airplay on the BBC and Irish National Radio, and cemented her place as one of the rising stars in todays Americana scene. She has been featured at Celtic Connections, Blue Balls, (CH), Glasgow Americana, and shared stages with everyone from Lambchop, Chumbawumba, and Reamonn to Alejandro Escovedo, Carrie Newcomer and Malcombe Holcombe.

Always excited for the next project, Anna traveled to Rome over Easter weekend 2012 to record a two-day live session with Daniele Fiaschi. The result of this weekend is The Nowhere, Rome Sessions, a gorgeous snapshot of their duo work. Recorded live at Nowhere Studios in Rome, with minimal overdubs and even fewer edits, the songs ache with emotion and the raw energy the two have become known for. The project was one of the most exciting sessions Anna can remember. My time is Rome was such a burst of sunshine, cigarette smoke, red wine, loud, fast Italian, and pure creative joy. It was one of the most beautiful weeks of my life. Also included is a live track from their performance at the 2011 Roepaen Festival in Ottersum, Holland.

The Nowhere, Rome Sessions will be released on September 3, 2012 and celebrated with a six week tour of the UK and Europe, followed by many a bus ride across the USA.

****More Press*****

"(The Nowhere Rome Sessions)-It's a true sessions record and a measure of their respective talents that it sounds like it has been record and re-recorded until perfect."- R2 Magazine (UK)

"Based on her powerful pipes and the catch in her throat, she could just as easily pass for a native of Nashville..." -The Stranger

"She ranks one of the best of her breed" - Blurt Magazine

"4 stars...Fantastic new music....Americana at it's best!" -Maverick Magazine

"An incredible songwriter and performer....I'm a big fan now!"
Barnes Newberry - WUMB (Jul 10, 2010)

"Coogan's voice brings to mind the sweet but striking approach of Kelly Willis and Iris DeMent." - No Depression Magazine

"Coogan's voice-well honed, sharpened tool that it is-slaloms between cues from Rosanne Cash and Alison Krauss, taking fuel from the formers grit and the latter's sweet soul....rises above the throng of local folksingers in Seattles alt-country scene." - Seattle Sound magazine

"Her voice swoops and soars as she wraps herself around each lyric. Each melody is laced with dug-down deep poetry." Portland Oregonian


Red Shoes, Black Dress

Written By: Anna Coogan

Had my red shoes on
Had my black dress on
Had my hair in curls
Had my makeup done
I had my hopes up high
I waited by the phone
For you to call me up
Tell me you were coming home
I had my hopes up high
You had an alibi
You were working late
You were always working late
You were always gone.

I was looking good
I was ready to go
So I gave up waiting
And I went out that door
With my red shoes on
With my black dress on
With my hair in curls
With my makeup done

I went down the road
To that little bar
I got bought a drink
And I got in his car
We listened to the radio
It was playing country songs
We got to laughing
And talking all night long
Then the sun came up
Then the sun went down
I still had my red shoes
And my black dress on.

Never make her wait they say
She’ll be moving on someday
Someday when you wake up, babe
You won’t be so young anymore.

So we drove all night
And he took me hand
Went down to the church of Elvis
He gave me a wedding band
I walked down the aisle
With my red shoes on
With my hair in curls
With my makeup done
So we said “I do”
We’re gonna take a honeymoon
We’re gonna drink all day
We’re gonna be home soon.

Never make her wait they say
She’ll be moving on someday
Someday when you wake up, babe
You won’t be so young anymore.

So the next time, babe
That you fall in love
Don’t you make her wait
Give her the stars above
Give her the sun and moon
Take her on a honeymoon
Give her a diamond ring
Give her everything

And don't you make her wait, I say
She'll be moving on someday
Someday when you wake up babe
You won't be so young anymore.


Lonesome Cowboy Lullaby-2003. Anna's first release.

Glory-2005 LP. Released on Tarnished Records.
6 weeks at #13 on the Freeform Americana Charts
2 months on KEXP charts
In-studio at Seattle's KEXP
National and international radio play
Opening track "Another Day" used on Television show "The Home Team"

Sleepwalker- 2007 LP. Self released.
Mixed by Grammy winning engineer S. Husky Huskolds.
Radio play on KEXP, KBCS, KMTT, KUOW, as well as national and international play.
Opening track "Rise On" featured on ABC family "Kyle XY" episode 2:16.

The Nocturnal Among Us- 2010. Produced by JD Foster (Calexico, Laura Cantrell) and recorded at the Great North Sound Society (Josh Ritter, Langhorne Slim). Mixed at Jackpot! studios in Portland.
Airplay on over 200 stations across the US, Netherlands, and the UK.
3 months on the Euro-Americana Charts
#1 on the Euro-Americana Charts for the month of August
#26 on the FAR charts for the month of August

The Nocturnal EP- 2010. A bonus EP of unreleased material from "The Nocturnal Among Us"

The Wasted Ocean-2011. Produced by Evan Brubaker (Rachel Harrington, Edie Carey) UK/Europe Release Date: Sept 26, 2011. Currently receiving extensive airplay on RTE 1 (Ireland National Radio) BBC 2, debuted at #4 on Euro-Americana charts. US Release: Feb 7 2012.

The Nowhere, Rome Sessions: 2012: Anna Coogan and Daniele Fiaschi.
Released Sept 3, 2012 on Continental Record Services. Received airplay on RTE 1, BBC 2, stations across Europe and UK.

Set List

Set is between 1-3 45 minute sets of original music.