Indie Acoustic Rock meshed with a spirited crack only a Michigan band can deliver.


Formed in the early months of 2009 and based out of the Flint, Michigan area, Annadelle is the combined efforts of four musicians. Finding common ground in music, ideals, and above all, faith, the four have assembled a solid line-up of dedicated individuals devoted to giving their best to produce something that comes from their very souls. With their cumulative hard work, they form their own unique style of music incorporating the contrasting, yet melding, styles of musical expression that each individual brings to the table with an end result resounding the styles of alternative indie with a acoustic/rock vibe.


Get Away

Written By: Annadelle

Leave this all behind this place where
you can’t breathe You say you wanna get away
, can’t sleep
Leave this all behind for the life of your dreams

You say you wanna see your name
Up there in lights some day, well baby- stay with me
I’ll write your name up in the stars for everyone to see.

Look into my eyes
You’ll see there’s no surprises.
Together we will find
A world of new sunrises.

Oh, where would you go,
That you couldn’t feel me here
Waiting for you to come home?

Oh, what if you find
what you were missing all this time
Was standing right here by your side?
Baby don’t miss me

I saw it in your eyes today
I felt it in your embrace,
That you’re leaving me, slowly;
But it could go so fast I’m afraid to blink.

I hear it when you say my name
And I don’t really know what’s changed
When I want only you.

Hurry up, grab a bag, get in the car
Make sure you wish upon a star
We’ll get you out of here
The night is young and roads are clear.

Hurry up, grab a bag, get in the car
Make sure you wish upon your star
We’ll get you out of here
The night is young and skies are clear.


Written By: Annadelle

Look into the mirror,
see how time has passed you by;
and you thought everything was fine.

Pay attention to the people
when you’re walking down the street.
Is this how you’re alive?

I never got to say I love you,
you never had a chance to say me too.
I’ll never be held in your arms.

I’ll never know a life without you.
Never know if I’d been better off,
never knowing your poison charm.

So leave me here
to pick up all the pieces;
don’t bother to turn around when you’re already out the door.

While I try,
to put myself back together.
Cause you’re movin’ on but I need you here with me some more.

I feel something’s missing.
I don’t know myself.
Wonder how this all began.

Do you see me out there?
Can you feel me when I’m near?
Was this all part of the plan?

I’ll never have a night without you
runnin through my dreams.
I’ll never know if you feel the same.

I’ll never be able to hear your voice on
a night when the darkness rolls in cold.
I’ll never feel like you are safe.

Please don’t spend
a wasted breath on me;
just know that going back is hard.

I’ll never get to do the things that
I knew you’d enjoy.
The story ended,
without and ending.

I’ll never be the guy that
you see in your dreams.
You gave me hope once,
but you pretended.

These Extra Colours

Written By: Annadelle

Feels like summer in the sky.
All the colors bleed into night,
And the moon’s coming out soon
For a good look at you.
Will you hold my hand?

Seems I’ve drawn outside the lines;
What’s become of my design?
And these crayons in my hand
Weren’t part of the plan.
Will you take me home?

I know I’m not worthy.
I’ll be the first to say that it’s not fair,
But under a touch so perfect
These extra colors
are washing away

Watch the leaves fall slowly down
As the world turns shades of brown.
What’s come out of the trees
Has made room for the breeze;
But that’s not freedom at all.

My room’s made up of walls
And on these walls are things I’ve scrawled.
These crayons in my palm
Weren’t supposed to be here this long
And it’s not fun anymore.

I know I’m at fault here.
I’ll be the first to say I’m like a child.
But under the touch of a father
These extra colors
Are washing away.

I will stand here before you a broken man
Healing in time.
I will walk through the fire and come out
Though the trial feels like darkness His love is only light
If you lay down before Him the colors
will turn out white.

Washing away…
These extra colors.

The Lighthouse

Written By: Annadelle

Crowded streets full of angry people, A thousand minds set for denial
Does anyone feel the sheer pull? Dancing white lights, all stars in our sky

Poring over all over, our sinless practicing, the days I feel are shorter now
I think you’ve finally realized, rapture is a friend worth saving
But I don’t think that we will know, until it’s too late to be found
The true blue feelings of our souls, death he never makes a sound

I should’ve been the lighthouse
Those dancing white lights could’ve been the truth in his eyes
Nobody else to bring this song of hope to mind
I should’ve been the lighthouse

This darkened room is lit far too bright, and the smiles nailed, their tears not far behind
Then the box fell down, all sanity said goodbye, I’ve never been this close before
Never would’ve guessed this bare finale, the grin of death, has taken over
Struck down in Your calamity

I could’ve been the lighthouse, always present no words, one book unread
Conversations led the wrong way, I know now, he needed to know then
I could’ve led him to Your light, a thousand fires, a thousand nights
Saw him walking, torn between, that golden moment lost by me

The lights here are so warm…
The black is pushed away…
Searching for the sign of triumph…

You said I was your lighthouse, don’t fear the moment I walked away
The dark was cold, the spirits blinding, your voices told me not to stay

Now the pain is gone
Oh how good the worship feels I’ve…
Never seen an ocean so blue, no longer burning
I’m no longer burning


Written By: Annadelle

Run for the hills I see lightning
And it might mean
The death of you and me tonight.
No other clouds in the sky
But the ones in your eyes
are causing me to doubt that we’re just fine.

How often have I
Stood beside you on nights
that scream of romance.
But the hand in my hand
Has no heart behind it.
I’m desperately searching for
A part of you that wants to love me too.

I’ll find myself in the mess
I made when I left to follow you.
You’ll say you know best
But your best made plans failed to see me through.

There is nothing when I look at you
And the phone’s always off to avoid the truth
It’s so tiring to hear you constantly complain that

I’m so far away.

You’re so far away.

It’s so tiring to always complain
And your phone’s always off when I try to ring
I feel nothing when you look at me.


The Adam and Eve EP

Annadelle's songs "Dissonance" and "Get Away" are in constant rotation at

Set List

Get Away
These Extra Colours
The Lighthouse
Anchor On A Smile
Not Me Tonight
Crooked Still
The Easter Rising