Anna and The Annadroids

Anna and The Annadroids

 San Francisco, California, USA

Electro-pop music, living and virtual female robots, cutting edge choreography and video technologies, and sexuality come together to create Anna & The Annadroids.


Anna & The Annadroids are a unique performance based electro-pop band that incorporates dance theater, multi-media technologies, quirky costume design, and emotionally provocative themes that explore the human condition. Throbbing electronic music, living and virtual female robots, innovative choreography, cutting edge video technologies, electric gadgets, and sexuality come together to create a commentary on current trends in pop culture and technology.

Anna Sullivan is the lead Annadroid who is accompanied by virtual projections of herself who sing, dance, and interact with her live. Anna creates all of the audio and works closely with Brent Haley and James Pryor who create the visuals. Since 2004, when Anna conceived the troupe, she has created over ten multi-media dance theater productions; was presented at the New York International Fringe Festival twice; has been awarded six project grants both from the Greater Columbus Arts Council and the Ohio Arts Council; was featured on the cover Columbus Monthly magazine with a seven page article in July of 2009; has had numerous write-ups in the Alive!, The Other Paper, and the Columbus Dispatch; and was the winner of the 2008 Greater Columbus Arts Council's Artistic Excellence Award of $10,000. Currently Anna preparing to tour her production, Anna & The Annadroids: Memoirs of a Robot Girl, to dance festivals, music events, and multi-media showcases.

Many artists have influenced Anna's outlandish works, but three in particular stand out. The dark, heavy, throbbing electronic beats accented by voice effects in Anna's music compositions are influenced by Richie Hawtin (Plastikman); The bizarre, experimental side of Anna's work is influenced by Laurie Anderson; And the provocative themes, costumes, and girl-power attitude in Anna's concerts are inspired by Erotica-era Madonna.

Annadroids are quirky, sexy, fun, weird, athletic, scary, robotic, lovable, and plastic! Watch them in action!


singles: Default Girl, Ego Bot, Touchy Buttons, Superficially Obsessed, Heavy, Anna, love Dream, Plastic Pleasures, Terror Eyes, Sexual Flu, Shop Buy Swipe, Love Con-cock-sion, Dance Like a Robot, Tape Worm, Happy Birthday Land, Running Shoes, Divine Decline

scores: Tantric Tantrums, Sexual Flu

Set List

Memoirs of a Robot Girl is the title of Anna & The Annadroids latest multi-media concert starring Anna and her army of virtual clones. In this one-woman show (that cleverly manages to include a cast of thousands) Anna The Annadroid tells a story through throbbing electronic beats, athletic choreography, and surreal video projections.