Anna Elizabeth

Anna Elizabeth

 Hamilton, Waikato, NZL

I believe Music is a language that can be understood by people from any nation. My hope is that as I worship Jesus through my music that his Beautiful Love can impact personally on those who listen and sing along with me.


Anna Elizabeth is currently working on a new EP which is planned for release at the end of 2011.

This EP will be the first time I record some of the songs I have written with more of a worship focus. After years of worship leading, playing music, dreaming and gaining a Degree in Music; I want to record some of the songs that show a different part of my heart. My desire is to share the simply beautiful, yet expansive, love of Jesus with as many as I can - particularly through music. And also to learn as much as I can along the way. I am full of excitement about where God is leading me and who I will meet on the journey.

Treehouse and Ella's Song were recorded as part of a project EP for Anna Elizabeth's Bachelors' Degree studies. Sing Through The Grey is a new song - this recording is a pre-production demo.

Influences: Rebecca St. James, Aaron Gillespie, Bethany Dillon, Brooke Fraser, Bethel Live, Cory Asbury, Julia Grace, The Ember Days, Hillsong, C3, Parachute Band.

Set List

All songs from upcoming EP including Sing Through The Grey and previously written originals such as Treehouse.