We are often compared to the late Toad the Wet Sprocket, Eva Cassidy meets Vigilantes of Love & an occasional Goo Goo Dolls meets Edwin McCain hanging out with Aimee Mann. We hope to make a difference in everyone we meet whether through song, a hand shake or a new face to put a name to.


Performing since ‘94, Annagail is more than just a group with four recordings and a strong fan base. They are the epitome of a band which continues to evolve instead of stagnate. A consistently busy concert schedule, Europe last year, a recent 2 week tour of South Africa this Winter, their passion to take their music abroad is evidence of that.

With national attention of their last two CD's through Grassroots Music, online and at concerts, they have found their way to radio stations and stores around the U.S. They've been featured on several regional and national compilations and have become an established act opening for artists such as Bleach, Plumb, Pillar, Jason Ingram, Scott Faircloff, The Appleseed Cast, Stavesacre and many, many others. Annagail is that rare band that can support a solo singer/songwriter and can just as comfortably hold their own playing festivals with heavy hitters. And, somewhow, they make sense in both extremes. A blend of courage and frailty are embraced, and they're proud of both.

Emerging from the "songwriters circle" of the Midwest's music scene and playing coffeehouses, street corners, clubs, festivals and "open mic nights," they honed their craft. Then came the release of Renaissance Recital, the second album on Big Round Records and the beginnings of moving into a full band. Their first album, The Folks, quickly sold out its original pressing. They followed with continued touring and growing popularity as a live act.

Waterdeep's Don Chaffer produced Annagail latest album 'Linger In Bloom' and also the previous 'Slightly Certain,' which featured Lori Chaffer's vocals on "The Enemy and the Avenger." These recordings have captured the attention of many. "To any radio programmers play it, to any concert promoter book them, and to any record label sign them now. This is the real deal," raved Levi Perkins of Crossroads radio. Tim Suttle of Satellite Soul described them as "Someone who needs to be signed. They're hard workers and great songwriters." Since that recording Annagail has continued to evlove, the result of over 500 shows across the U.S.

They are often compared to the late Toad the Wet Sprocket and an occasional Goo Goo Dolls meets Faith Hill having lunch with Edwin McCain before an Aimee Mann show with an Eva Cassidy song playing in the background while the Indigo Girls talk about the Sugarland article in the Performing Songwriter magazine while Sarah McLachlan eavsdrops.

Since '98, frontman Jared Adams has toured the country playing lead guitar for Ardent/Forefront recording artist Satellite Soul, friends from Kansas City. He appears on their Ardent release Satellite Soul Live. Opening and performing with Jennifer Knapp, Big Tent Revival, FFH, Audio Adrenaline and many others, Adams had the chance to showcase his own songs to great acclaim.

Formally known as 'Route 3,' Annagail, fronted by the vocal and guitar interplay between Adams and wife Jennifer, is ready to envelope even greater opportunities with their music. From Adams troubadour style of the early 90's to Jennifers touring with several vocal groups, her own singing career and even a tour of Europe, the results are rich.

With a true and honest passion for people and music their goal reaches far beyond just playing the next gig. The Adams have never slowed in their healthy work ethic. Besides music, they currently also own and operate their own business and a non-profit, Havilah Recovery Solutions and Havilah Global. Through an amazing journey and testimony, they have found a way for all three to work together for international compassionate outreach and greater purpose. They hope to make a difference in everyone they meet whether its through song, a hand shake or a new face to put a name to. "Although we love playing live, there is so much more to music than singing and playing," says Adams. "It builds a foundation to every new relationship and it gaps the bridges between the people that we don't yet know." The soaring melodies can't hide the message in the lyrics crafted with grace. One concert goer said, "They put their heart and soul into every song, I really appreciate that." From the feed back, so do a lot of others.

-Derek Emerson
Hope College Arts Coordinator


Close Your Eyes

Written By: Jennifer Adams

Isnt it amazing
How I find myself alone
How is it that you know what
I’m gonna say
I persist and think that
I can get away

And then it’s all I can do
I seem to barely make it through

Close your eyes it’s barely like a dream
Give me the air I’ll use it I swear
You offer me so much that is unseen
Transport me away I’m seizing the day

What comes first the doubt or sin
I need some room to change within
Tongue tied and twisted
My head says I missed it

But my hearts still safe and sound
Is this the fertile soiled ground (x2)

Words & Music by: Jennifer Adams
© 2006 BMI T/F Unicorn publishing

Beautiful Irony

Written By: Jared Adams

I may have given up the promise of the morning
Let tomorrow be a new day for someone else
But every night even with that worn out line dawning
I can’t help but trust the promise of you
You’ll see me through…I believe

A good friend once thought of giving up on feelings
I guess maybe ‘cause they tore him up too much
Well saving that breakdown as a last resort was appealing
But if I try his theory that’s probably a feeling too….
Its time for you to tell me

How long is this forever gonna take me
I thought it’d make more sense to hear it out loud
The end is in sight if you’re trying to break me
But the beautiful irony is the light at the end of the tunnel is you

Might have stumbled a few times today maybe a thousand
Lately it’s been harder to keep track
I suppose it don’t matter
‘cause I don’t think you’re counting
It’s been my hobby so to find something new…its time for you to tell me

I’m at the end of myself trying to numb the pain
This oil and water I give to the Father
I dare you to wash it away

Words & Music by: Jennifer & Jared Adams
© 2006 BMI T/F Unicorn Publishing

In Time

Written By: Jared Adams

Have you ever wondered why
If the sky fell would you die
What would happen then
What would happen then

Are you smart enough to try and understand

As the seasons fly I’m wasting while I try to disappear
If I run will you let me
Will you come and get me to wipe away the fear
Oh you say in time…in time

If there were no space and time
Would we need a nursery rhyme
To make us feel okay
Would we hear it anyway

Are you tough enough to try and comprehend

Once I had a dream that I was someone who was no one
And I was falling from the window of the 32nd floor
And everything around me was so blurry in a hurry that
I thought I was gone
but I was…

Have you ever wondered why
If the sky fell would you die
What would happen then
What would happen then
What would happen then
What would happen …


words and music by jared adams
2001 BMI T/F Unicorn Publishing


Linger In Bloom // 2007
Produced by Don Chaffer, (Waterdeep, Sara Groves, Charlie Hall, Maeve, This Holiday Life, The Voice I and II) Mixed by Russ Long (Wilco, Over the Rhine, Newsboys, Sixpence None The Richer, and even Dolly Parton!) Features the widely popular "Beautiful Irony," and "Close Your Eyes," current fan and radio favorites.

Elevation Live // 2005
This live album, produced by Jared and Jennifer Adams, donates half of the proceeds from sales to 'Vox United,' an organization helping to end famine, AIDS and poverty in South Africa.

The Subtle Sessions // 2002
Produced by Tim Suttle, this 4 song EP captures a reinvention of the band. With "Song That Never Ends," being sung at churches and youth groups around the country.

Integrity Management/Booking Compilation // 1999
The Final Say from the Slightly Certain release is featured on this national compilation put out by Integrity Management and Booking.

Slightly Certain // 1998
Produced By Don Chaffer and featuring a guest vocal performance by Waterdeep's Lori Chaffer. Featuring the title track and "Enemy & the Avenger" which have recieved considerable college and public radio airplay still.

Renaissance Recital // 1995
The sophomore effort of Route 3, also produced by Alan Shalby, featuring the unstoppable college radio hit Pretty Alone.

The Folks // 1994
Produced by Alan Shalby, with radio gem, "It Rained Today."

Set List

Typical Set list: 1 hour


We are capable of doing '3' 1 hour sets if needed.

Complete Recorded Cataloge:
In Time
Beautiful Irony
Close Your Eyes
If All I Had
Whom I Have Believed In
Make It Right
Little Piece Of Heaven
Every Morning
So Called We
Song That Never Ends
Together Shine
Slightly Certain
T.V. Sin
Cowards Last Wish
Once Removed
The Enemy & the Avenger
The Final Say
Subtle Rain
What Now
Ezekiel's Wheels
Mystery at Boiling
Why Breathe
Never You
Pretty Alone
Dear Insight
My Request
Ladder Way
Coterie Ballad #2
4 Reel Lyrics
Second Call
Mother's Blanket
Blue Digression
It Rained Today
Feathers and Iron
Coterie Ballad #1
Knowing Truth, Knowing Lies
Simple Thing
If I'd Known What you Wanted
Almost a Sorrow
I've Never Felt F