Anna Gilbert

Anna Gilbert

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

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Written By: Anna Gilbert

Verse 1:
Twelve years old, mama’s gone,
Daddy’s unknown, and she’s all alone.
No one cares that she’s in between.
Yet she makes believe it’s all a bad dream.
Dream little girl.
Oh dream
Dream Little Girl…….

You never wanted them to see.
You never wanted them to feel.
You never wanted them to know the pain this broken world can bring.
Their innocence robbed unknowingly,
But an answer they wait for patiently.
The tears only show how much they need a love to mend their broken wings.

Verse 2:
His pain is real. His wounds concealed.
But no one can heal what he won’t reveal.
Blinded by shame though he’s not to blame.
His heart is a desert as his tears flow like rain.
Rain on this boy
Oh God Rain……
Rain on this boy….

She sits at home all alone
Hoping for treasure that she’s never known