Anna Givens

Anna Givens

 Sandusky, Ohio, USA

Like the classic performers of the past, Anna has personality, is easy on the eyes, has a sense of humor, and can sing just about anything you put in front of her – jazz, blues, pop, swing, standards, show tunes, and even country all come to life when she applies her signature style.


Anna sings jazz, standards, swing, blues, rock and country. She possesses a voice and a style unlike anything you’ve heard, but you recognize it instantly as genuine, sincere, and authentic. Her delivery is effortless, her artistry impeccable. Her good humor, beauty, and love for the music rock.


"When the composition calls for a melancholy, reflective attitude, Anna rises to that occasion too, with a sweet seriousness that tugs at one’s heart strings, stopping just shy of total heartbreak (“Blame It On My Youth” & “Since I Fell For You”). The Bacharach/David classic “Alfie” showcases Givens’ impressive range, from a sultry baritone to pristine soprano altitudes, giving the popular Dionne Warwick version a serious run for it’s money.

My personal highlight is “One For My Baby”, the pinnacle of all barfly last call scenarios. Ms. Givens paints the mood perfectly to the point where I swear I felt my pupils contracting in reaction to low light, there was a whiff of glass sanitizer in the air, and I swear I saw Jack Kerouac slouched in the corner." Sal Serio, Maximum Ink Magazine

"If you long for the sad, sultry torch songs that were the trademark of all the great women jazz singers of the classic era - Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, and Sarah Vaughan – than boy, have I got a CD for you. The only singer currently performing that comes anywhere close to capturing this sincere an essence of pure jazz is perhaps Norah Jones, but I’d still place all bets on Anna Givens."
Sal Serio Maximum Ink Magazine

"The best part of hearing her songs is how Givens proves there is great depth that can be mined from bringing a new flavor to a genre that is the root of all music."

"With a nice and easy style that put me in mind of iconic jazz singer Billie Holiday, Anna Givens debut set of American standards is a recording I find myself listening to over and over again, and finding something new and rewarding each time." Shawn Armstrong, All Music Guide

"Beautiful song.. beautiful voice! NICE!" Joel Sebring, Independent Music Artists


In 2005 and 2006, Anna sang part time with blues guitarist, Eddie Turner. She sang on his first two Northern Blues releases, ‘Rise’ (2005) and ‘The Turner Diaries’ (2006) and performed with him on shows all around the U.S. and Canada. The band was nominated for ‘Best New Artist’ at the Blues Music Awards in 2005 and played at the event held in Memphis, TN.

She began to pursue a career in jazz, her first love, in 2007. She spent nearly two years as vocalist with Claude Black and Clifford Murphy at Murphy’s Place in Toledo and played with Claude on gigs at Baker’s Keyboard Lounge in Detroit and other venues. She’s performed at The Telluride Blues and Brews Festival, B.B. King's Blues Club and Grill New York, Martha's Vineyard, The Blues Awards Memphis, the Sonoma County Fair, the Bamboo Room Lake Worth FL, Hines Farm Blues Club, the Stranahan Ballroom, Centennial Terrace, the Maumee Theatre, The Toledo Club, The Catawba Island Club, The Toledo Country Club, The Toledo Zoo, The Toledo Museum of Art, Degagé, and many other smaller venues. She was featured at the 2009 and 2010 Sunset Jazz Festivals held in Grand Rapids, Ohio and will be there again in 2012.


Her albums 'Skylark' and 'Just Last Year - Part One' have been featured on Suzanne Carroll's 'Jazz Brunch' radio show and continue to be included in regular rotation.

The song 'Secret' from Eddie Turner's 'Rise' album featured Anna on lead vocal and has been popular on European radio, particularly German radio.



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Anna Givens album: 'SkyLark' - 2010 Galena Street Music
Anna Givens album: 'Just Last Year - Part One' - 2012 Galena Street Music
Anna Givens album: 'Mixed Nuts' Vocal & Piano duets with Johnny O'Neal Galena Street Music

With Eddie Turner:
'Rise' - 2005 Northern Blues
'The Turner Diaries' - 2006 Northern Blues

The song, 'Secret' from Turner's 'Rise' album, featuring Anna, has generated solid streaming and radio airplay in Europe and the U.S.