Anna Joan & Band

Anna Joan & Band


Authentic! Expressive! Touching!


The singer and songwriter ANNA JOAN originally comes from the eastern part of Germany. Thanks to the fact that this talented musician failed her pedagogy exam to become a teacher, she is a live artist now and her music can be cherished by all.

If you want to put ANNA JOAN’s music into words, then ‘authenticity’ would be one of the best ways to express this. She writes her own songs and arranges and records them in her personal studio. ANNA JOAN is also the songwriter for a couple other artists. Her creative ability was soon to be discovered by many other musicians.

Together with her record label AMUSIKA she is now releasing her first album. You can look forward to hearing a variety of catchy melodies as well as some brilliant ballads. Maybe ANNA JOAN has one of the most expressive voices which the music market has to offer at the moment. Be sure to check her out.


- Christmas Eve - Single (several radio airplays in Germany and the Netherlands)
- Several appearings on compilations
- LP - is on work and will be released and promoted all over Germany (partly Europe) soon by

Set List

We basicly play ANNA JOAN songs and only some covers.

- Das Gelaber
- Herz gegen Kopf
- Zeitlos
- Menschenleer
- Warte auf mich
- Sonnenwunsch
- Stumm wie ein Fisch
- Familientherapeut
- Durch den Sturm
- Pendler
- Back to Paradise
- Hamsterwheel
- Sei gut!