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Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF
Band Americana Pop


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"Anna Johnson CD Release of Winding Road"

When Anna took the stage, I have to confess I didn't recognize her. For one, I was looking in the wrong spot. I was looking center stage and she was in the non-traditional stage right for the whole show. And, she was wearing her normally long locks pulled up. It has been interesting to me to follow this girl, become woman, over the span of stage appearances. The band initially setup as a tight quartet and began to play. What I recognized even less than Anna was was the music. Anna launched into the singularly most amazing, hauntingly beautiful song I have ever heard her sing. Very different than what you are used to from this girl. It was really quite breathtaking. A quarter of the way into it I was kicking myself that I didn't video tape it. I was kicking even harder when at the end she announced she had written it this very morning. I wasn't going to find it on the CD at the end of the show. But, as far as disappointments go, that isn't a bad one to have. It was a jaw dropping beginning to what turned out to be a really great show at Chippewa Falls High School and a great way to spend a Thursday night. ...........

- Chippewa Falls Freaks and Geeks - John Abbott

"Western Encounters Featured Artists"

Anna Johnson is a singer/songwriter who started a musical journey in September 2008 when she began to study songwriting at McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, MN. After a magical year of learning and growing with a full scholarship awarded by the legendary rock band Queen, Anna was presented an opportunity to record an album in Nashville, TN. She was hesitant since she had finally found a school she loved and was blessed with the scholarship she couldn't imagine giving up, but still she followed her heart and made the move. She packed her things in her little car and drove to a town she'd never been, to live in a home she had never seen, with a landlord she "met" via cragslist. It's true. Crazy and true.

Between September 2009 when she moved to April 2010, Anna recorded and produced her debut album, "Ready To Go", with the help of producer Billy Smiley and engineer Bill Whittington. The two of them became like uncles to her and she was SO blessed to have fallen into their hands. The album turned out exactly as she hoped since she was able to be so involved every step of the way.

With the album release in May 2010, Anna found a fabulous band of guys to play a big show in her hometown of Chippewa Falls, WI. It was a blast.

Since then Anna has been writing and recording new music, getting a handle on her online presence and making friends and fans as often as she can. She has found an official Nashville band including her sister, Julia Johnson, and a bunch of great guys:The Beautiful Anna Johnson

Julia Johnson - vocal harmonies and violin (the cutie)
David Mitchell - classical/nylon string guitar (the "Spanish Guy")
Travis Patton - fiddle/mandolin (the groovy one)
Chris Wright - drums and percussion (whose t-shirts bring joy)
Jason Navo - bass (plays chords and magical melodies like you've never heard)

Julia is an essssssential part of the band as she moved to TN during the recording process and was able to add her harmonies to the record itself. She's been by Anna's side through it all: from writing the songs on the bedroom floor to trudging into late-night shows when the two of them were too exhausted to stand. The sister charm is irresistible, and their vocal blend couldn't be recreated by anyone else. Ever.

One of the most EXCITING things the Anna Johnson Band has done since becoming a band is record and release Anna's second professional independently-recorded and released album, "Winding Road". The album was recorded at McPherson Studios in Nashville, TN through the course of 2011 and released in March 2012. The album features songs like "We Were Wrong", "Getting Over You", "Home", "Road" and more! The album is a snapshot of Anna's life through the crazy journey that followed the release of her first major album and the adjustments of her life in Music City. The album is for sale at <---- Her official website which was launched in early Spring 2012!

At this point in her career, Anna is seeking management and booking as many performances as she can: festivals, fairs, private events, cafes and clubs, churches, and even graduation parties if you reeeeeally want her .

- Follow the journey on Twitter @themusicanna
- Befriend her on facebook
- Share with all your friends (spreading the word is the best help you can offer)
- And listen to her music at OR
- Check out for everything you need to know PLUS a store where you can purchase physical copies of "Ready To Go" and "Winding Road".

Share! Share! Share! And enjoy

On behalf of Anna and the band, thank you for your support and encouragement, and do help all of them by spreading the word! - Western Encounters

"Featured Indie Acoustic Artist: Anna Johnson – Winding Road"

Featured Indie Acoustic Artist: Anna Johnson – Winding Road
Posted on May 30, 2012 by Nikki Maiden

EDIT: 12:51pm EDT. Publisher’s note: Anna is one of Indie Music Reviewer’s top twenty five artists featured in our upcoming issue “Indie Acoustic” which will come out on June 4th. Be sure to sign up for this issue through our facebook page to see all twenty five an an “overwhelming” honorable mention list.

Whether you are having the worst day of your life or even if you are already on cloud nine, you can hit play on any of Anna Johnson’s songs and be swept away into a blissful place. She definitely has a Colbie Caillat feel to her music, but with a unique twist that makes her sound her own. Anna’s album, Winding Road is a great example of how making music from your heart can really reach the listeners. She has mastered the way to let people feel how she feels by keeping her music stripped down without the unnecessary “flash.”

Anna Johnson released Winding Road on March 14th, 2012 during a concert in her hometown of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Anna provides not only the vocals, but also plays guitar. Julia Johnson (vocals, violin), David Mitchell (nylon string guitar), Chris Wright (drums, percussion, third vocals) and Jason Navo (bass guitar) can be found on this album as well. Being an unsigned artist, trying to record an album can be very troublesome at times, so Anna really lucked out by living and working in Nashville, TN. Anna is not only endorsed by McPherson Guitars, who provided gorgeous instruments for her to play, but the album was recorded at McPherson Studios on Music Row (in Nashville).

Anna seems to be a genuinely humble person and had this to say:

“I have to give special thanks to the other studio musicians who partook in the adventure of creating, Winding Road, too, including Blair Masters, Ben Clark, Glen Duncan, Jason Webb, Adam Lester, and Sean Savacool. My parents deserve a massive round of thanks, as well, as they have been the most supportive, encouraging and loving people I could ask for in my life! They allowed me to venture out in the world of music, and they’ve been learning and growing by my side ever since.”

You know how most albums have one or two songs that just do not seem to be up to par with the other ones on the album? Each song found on Winding Road holds just as much greatness as the one before or after it, creating a non-stop listening pleasure. Though all of the songs on this album hold a certain cohesive bond, you can find just enough diversity to look forward to what comes next. Albums can, at times, be somewhat redundant… not Winding Road. You’ll find soothing, heartfelt tunes like “I Hope You Love Me Someday” to more upbeat yet romantic tunes like “Someday.” Three songs stood out the most and can be found towards the end of the album, but in no means do I suggest skipping over any of these songs. I know that listeners will find at least one (or more) song to call their favorite.

So grab your favorite iced cold beverage, whether it is lemonade or iced tea, throw on your sun hat, kick back on your deck in your lounge chair and hit play. Be prepared to forget your troubles and drift off into a peaceful tranquility. Even if you are too busy to kick back, throw in Anna Johnson’s Winding Road and go about your busy life. You’ll find that no matter what you are doing, your spirits will be lifted and you can accomplish your tasks with a sense of calmness.

Rating: 5/5 Stars!

Album Name: Winding Road
Date Released: March, 2012
Genre(s): Pop/Folk/Americana
Location: Nashville, TN - Indie Music Reviewer


JamSphere’s choice VIDEO OF THE WEEK for the week of 28 Nov. – 04 Dec. 2011 is: ANNA JOHNSON – DAMAGED AND BRUISED. Anna Johnson is a beautiful lady who carves out deep soul searching melodies that come straight from her heart. Like a sharp pointed knife that slices through butter, she penetrates your sensibility without hesitation. No technical theatrics or overdone arrangements are to be found in her music. It’s just simple down to earth honesty that transpires through every track. Damaged and Bruised is a fine example of her craft.

In 2008, Anna won the hearts of the legendary rock band Queen, when they heard her song “Flowers On Monday” and gave her a full 4-year scholarship to pursue songwriting at McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, MN.

After one year of training, Anna moved to Music City, Nashville, TN to record her national debut album, “Ready To Go”.

Since its release in May 2010, Anna has shared the stage with musicians like Colbie Caillat, Jim Lauderdale, John Carter Cash, Orla Fallon and others!

Anna is endorsed by the world-renowned guitar company, McPherson Guitars, and is working on her 4th recording – an earthy-pop EP – at McPherson Studios in Nashville, TN.

Along with her independent recording career, Anna is touring with her Nashville band, painting and selling her own artwork, writing with various established musicians and working her way around the country as she wins people over one show at a time.

Anna Johnson’s music can be found on itunes world-wide. “Ready to Go,” has been described as “an expressive mastery of melody, cool and catchy, brilliantly arranged, and achingly gorgeous.” With the natural voice of an angel, tight harmonies, and excellent lyrics, the album is a masterpiece of expression and emotion. - Jamsphere - The Indie Rock Magazine & Radio Network


Indie Video Of The Year 2011 goes to Anna Johnson’s “Damaged And Bruised”.

Runners-Up: Future Ghosts and Oh No Fiasco

Simply and beautifully shot, the video emanates the delicate grieving sadness of the music and lyrics, while Anna’s visual interpretation of the principle character is absolutely convincing. She is both stunningly beautiful and extremely expressive. The sheer soul bearing honesty of her music comes shining through thanks to Justin McGrath of Higher Concept Media ( who produced the video to this song. - Jamsphere - The Indie Rock Magazine & Radio Network

"Top Seven Must-See Events"

"Anna Johnson is a singer/songwriter from Eau Claire whose personal experiences, love for others, and strong faith are portrayed through touching songs about life, love, and friendship. Along with more than 40 original songs, Anna performs cover songs from artists like Alison Krauss, the Dixie Chicks, Jack Johnson, Brandi Carlile, and more." - Volume One Magazine

"Anna Johnson"

"There is an amazing depth of talent in those two girls, of which, the surface has only been scratched thus far....

Anna is a singer of melancholy songs. It's not all sadness, she has others, like her song of two old people living and loving in an old house. These happy nuggets are fun, well performed, and don't hesitate to bring a smile. But, it isn't until she gets to her songs of love lost, heartache and deep killing sadness that her voice, her heart, and it seems like her entire body and soul are exposed and put out on the line. It is there the audience can feel the pain, come through it, and be happy for the experience." - Chippewa Falls Freaks and Geeks - Live Music Critique

"Anna Johnson performs at Clyde Iron Works"

"Anna Johnson released her debut album "Ready to Go" earlier this year. The 12-track, vocally driven mix is flirty and thoughtful, with musings on making it big and contemplative lost-love fare with spare cello backing.

She's on a run of shows right now...." - Duluth News Tribune

"A Singer, A Songwriter, A Future of Promise"

"Regardless of her professional music experience, the maturity of Johnson's new album, "Roller Coaster Love," makes it easy to see how she may have caught the eye of Brian May and the rest of Queen. Her acoustic guitar playing is comforting, and her lyrics are sincere." Rob Hanson - Leader-Telegram, Eau Claire, WI

"Best of the Valley Reader Poll"

"Anna Johnson is probably the most talented person from this area in a long time. Catch her live shows and listen to her graceful delivery of some well written songs. Try to see her if you ever get the chance." - Volume One Magazine


Anna Johnson - "Winding Road"
Anna Johnson - "Roller Coaster Love"
Anna Johnson - "Anna Johnson LIVE From The Living Room"
Anna Johnson - "Gloria"
Anna Johnson - "Ready To Go"

Anna's first recording, "Roller Coaster Love," is a compilation of love songs that are up and down like a carnival ride. The album was tracked by talented and dear friends in a small basement studio. One of the songs from the record, "Flowers On Monday", was chosen by the renown rock band Queen as the winning song of their Queen Songwriting Scholarship to McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, MN.

" . . . LIVE From The Living Room" was tracked on the spot at a great little coffee cafe in Eau Claire, WI. Anna and her sister Julia played their first performance there together on February 29th, 2008, and the venue has a special place in their hearts. This recording was fun and frantic, and the album captures Anna's raw artistry.

The Christmas single, "Gloria," was released in November 2009. Anna describes this song as "ambitious and very different from the others I've written and composed throughout my career. It means more to me than any love song ever could." Enjoying international radio play, this song can be found exclusively on itunes worldwide.

Anna released "Ready To Go" in May of 2010. The album, produced in Nashville by Billy Smiley and engineered by Bill Whittington, is grabbing hearts all over the world. "This is the album I've been waiting for since I fell hard for music," says Anna. With world class musicians who became friends and mentors, Anna was involved in the whole process and worked closely on developing each song into exactly what she had envisioned. Of the album, Anna writes, "The songs are true stories about me or others in my life, and I hope they will move you. The best compliment I've had so far is that it's a record you can listen to from start to finish because every song is important and appealing." Find "Ready to Go" on itunes worldwide.

Anna's most recent album, "Winding Road", was recorded at McPherson Studios in Nashville, TN, and features The Anna Johnson Band. It's Anna's second professional independently-recorded and released album and was launched in March 2012. The record is made up of songs that tell stories of Anna's life through the course of 2010 and 2011; a transitional period of life following the release of "Ready To Go" and a season filled with career changes and learning experiences. The album is Americana / Folk / Pop, whereas "Ready To Go" is more commercial Pop / Folk.



Receiving a full four year college scholarship funded by the legendary rock band Queen, Anna Johnson had the affirmation she needed to make a strong start as a singer/songwriter.

Her May 2010 national debut album, "Ready to Go," has been described as "an expressive mastery of melody, cool and catchy, brilliantly arranged, and achingly gorgeous." With the natural voice of an angel, tight harmonies, and excellent lyrics, the album is a masterpiece of expression and emotion.

Mesmerized by the raw beauty of her music, McPherson Guitars endorsed Anna in July of 2010.

Anna's sister, Julia, adds rich vocal harmonies and solid violin instrumentals, as well as sister charm and appeal. The two are an "Angel Duo."

As comfortable on the big stage as in the intimate atmosphere of a coffeehouse, Anna has played festivals, community theaters, in school classrooms and auditoriums, for private events, in cafes and coffeehouses, hotel lounges, churches, art fairs, and even campgrounds. Wherever she performs, she brings her heart, simplicity, and genuineness. And crowds of all ages respond to this uncommon realness and vulnerability.

Very capable as a solo performer, Anna may take the stage alone, with her sister, or with the support of her talented full band. Stripped down or complimented with classical guitar, violin, mandolin, bass, and percussion, Anna consistently delivers emotionally riveting and incredibly well-written songs.

With the overwhelming positive response of fans and other artists, it's no wonder Anna holds the #2 position on ReverbNation's pop charts for the Franklin/Nashville area.

Anna's career has naturally grown and changed throughout the course of her three years as a professional musician. "Ready To Go" featured songs about young love, heartache and friendship. The style can be compared to Colbie Callait, Sara Bareilles and Christina Perri. Her newest album, "Winding Road", however, is a more mature Americana / Folk / Pop production, featuring songs about life and the road, lasting love, and more. The album features her live band, The Anna Johnson Band, and intricate strings and vocals parts that pay homage to the music she grew up admiring; bluegrass, country, folk, and "cowboy" music.

Stay in touch to learn more about Anna Johnson and The Anna Johnson Band.