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Even Though

Written By: Anna Jones

Even though
His Dad says he's not mine

He lives with me
and his Mom is my wife
And that little man is my life.

I go to Football games
and meetings at the school
I stay home
when he has the flu
I pay for summer camp
and I first knew
when he sat next to me
and asked
"Dad, will you come too?"

Even though
Her Dad says she's not mine

She lives with me
and her Mom is my wife
And that little girl is my whole world.

I go to dance recitals
and chorus after school
I sell Girl Scout Cookies
because she asked me to
I paid for figure skates
and I first knew
when she sat in my lap
and asked
"Daddy, will you be there too?"

Even though
Their Dad says their not mine

I spend my life
making sure their fine
I go to work
and then I come straight home
My life has changed
more than they'll ever know

I go to football games
instead of sitting at the bar
I go to dance with her
My God
I've come so far.

Songs By George

Written By: Anna Jones

Listening to George Strait
always makes me cry.
Everything reminds of you
from Carried Away
to Baby Blue.
Where did you go
I never knew
Maybe A Better Rain
will Carry My Love To You

My friend told me
to put One Foot In Front Of The Other
after a while
It Just Comes Natural
my Daddy said, Girl
Easy Come, Easy Go
My Momma just smiled
because She Told Me So
In a Round About Way
I'm sure I can Blame It On Mexico.

Just Look At Me, Heartbroke
I've got the Lovesick Blues.
Haven't you Heard
It Ain't Cool To Be Crazy About You
And If I Know Me
Any Ole Love Won't Do.

As Far as It Goes
I need a Six Pack To Go

Right Or Wrong
I'm headed for Honkytonkville.
Come On Joe
I've got lots of time to kill.