Anna Klimashevskaya
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Anna Klimashevskaya

Moscow, Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Moscow, Russia
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"Russian Romance is Alive"

“Anna`s manner of singing is absolutely original and inimitable in its beauty. Her wonderful voice is not only strong and clear, it is moving and sincere.
Even simple at times ideas of sentimental songs become deep and meaningful in Anna`s rendering. Every character, she is singing about – either a lost traveler in the winter field or a coachman in whose ear the hero wants to shout his desperate “I`ve got nowhere to hurry anymore” – every little personage has his own story and personality, which we hear when Anna sings. Man`s voice – is not only musical characteristics, is`s his inner essence. “If a singer is wicked, I hear that in his voice – it is a wicked voice in spite of its technical potential or the beauty of music itself” - said once an outstanding Russian opera-star Vladimir Atlantov. Anna`s voice reveals to us a soul of a person, who has known much pain and happiness, who can feel very deeply and tell something new about things, which we consider long ago familiar. Listening to this beautiful Russian girl you will follow her into the unforgettable journey - journey of voice and soul, journey of love and romance.”
The peace of article by Marietta Zaharian. - Irkutskie Novosti

"Short historical review of Russian romance."

Already for 200 years is Russian Romance the pearl of the Russian culture. Verses of Russian poets inspired such Compositors, as Tchaikovsky, Glinka, Rimsky-Korsakov, Rachmaninov, Mussorgsky and many others, to compose lyrical parlour songs. Each song is a small drama of emotions, a life- or love story, written by authors like Pushkin, Lermontov, Griboyedov, Tchjujevsky etc. Names of some composers or authors are lost, some melodies are borrowed from folk songs, that are passed from one generation to another.

As a genre romance appeared at the end of 18th century and is a fruit of spiritual and cultural life of intellectuals of that time. Romance were then the highlight of every musical evening that was given in saloons by grand people. At the end of 19th century from the classical romance there appeared so-called “town romance”. It was free from traditionalism, and reflect the whole pulsating diversity of poetical and musical culture of that time.

The romance is present in Russian culture till nowadays. It went underground and survived through the past century and now it finds again its compositors and interpreters. It is performed at small theatres and stages to the growing audience of connoisseurs. Those who attend such concerts know, what for discoveries wait for them there. Romance is also so to say a germ cell for Russian author songs, which since the period of perestroika became famous even in the West Europe. But romance has remained unknown to the audience outside of Russia.

Russian romances are not folk songs, but a composed art form. They are unique and have no direct parallels in other countries. Probably, the nearest to romance form is the French chanson, or the Portuguese Fado.

As a rule romances are written as songs for one voice and a chamber accompaniment. The most frequently used for that instruments are piano or guitar. During the concert the interpreter is given a free hand in the way he performs the romance, so that he can express all the range of emotions and feelings. Because of this is every interpretation a new musical creation.

- Marieta Zahorjan ( Culture News 2009)


"New is what we forget well"2004
Romance 2010



Anna Klimashevskaya was born in Irkutsk, near the lake Baikal. She descends from the family with long musical tradition. Her grandfather was a conductor at St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg, her grandmother was an opera singer. Anna studied violin and guitar at music school. She was disposed to Russian romances since her adolescence, and now, with the distinctively expressive and melodic voice, she is a congenial interpreter of this genre.
Since 2000 she has started her career of professional singer and performer. In the period of 2002-2005 she gave a lot successful concerts in Germany (Heidelberg, Mannheim, Hamburg, Berlin), broadcasting session at SWR (Germany, Moscow and other cities of Russia. Her repertoire ranges from classical Russian romances, folk songs, to contemporary romances. Anna tries to bring new colors of different world music in her songs and she has got remarkable results of the collaboration with jazz and ethno musicians.
 Anna skillfully makes romantic mood of her concerts by poetry of her favorite poets such as Brodsky, Tsvetaeva, Himenes, Mochado, Mandelshtam. Moreover now she start to record new album of rare songs by Alexander Vertinsky