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Anna Lyman - Anna Acevedo Lyman

Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE | AFM

Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE | AFM
Band Jazz Latin


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"Here's a New Voice to Watch!"

Here’s a new voice to watch! From Vancouver, British Columbia an exciting jazz vocalist is making herself known. Anna Lyman is a genuine jazz singer. It would be difficult to imagine this vocalist in any other setting.
Anna Lyman delivers ten jazz standards plus her own If You’ll Turn Back. Anna’s composition compares favorably with the work of the accepted jazz songwriters. Her song has that rare ingredient swing! "If You’ll Turn Back" is the type of tune that would have been snapped up by June Christy, Jeri Southern or Chris Connor. It’s a gem. The smoky voiced jazz singer is accompanied by some top Canadian rhythm men including bassist Rick Kilburn and drummer Keith Copeland. Walter Martella doubles on piano and trumpet. His trumpet work on Lazy Afternoon is impressive. Kilburn and Copeland shine throughout the album but especially on Duke Ellington’s "It Don’t Mean a Thing" featuring Lyman’s powerful scat vocal.
Anna Lyman has an unusual and compelling voice. She’s gained another fan! - JAZZREVIEW.COM, Richard Bourcier

"Anna Acevedo Lyman Album – Sway ( Quien Sera)"

This album is alot of fun and will have you dancing around the room before you know it.
John Roman
Gabriola Radio
- CKGI Gabriola Radio

"CD Review"

"Lyman has a powerful voice with a genuine passion that shines through on every note...a distinctly personal perspective"Alexandria Stuart, The Harbour City Star, Nanaimo, BC - The Harbour City Star

"A Voice Like Melted Chocolate"

"She has a voice like melted chocolate", Goody Niosi: The Harbour City Star, Nanaimo, BC - The Harbour City Star

"Sway-Quien Sera"

Year: 2008

Record Label: Independent Release

Style: Latin Jazz / Latin Funk

Musicians: Sal Ferreiras (percussion), Dan Brubeck, Buff Allen (drums), Phil Dwyer (tenor Sax), Rick Kilburn (bass), Darryl Jahnke, Bill Coon (guitars), Tony Foster (piano)


Latin American singer and music producer, Anna (Acevedo) Lyman has released Sway-Quien Sera, an album in which she traces well seasoned Latin jazz rhythms. Anna is a gifted vocalist who is able to paint amazing grooves with her many different vocal palettes. Her band’s impulse warrants a listening: percussionist Sal Ferreiras, drummers Dan Brubeck and Buff Allen, tenor saxophonist Phil Dwyer, bassist Rick Kilburn, guitarists Darryl Jahnke, Bill Coon, and pianist Tony Foster sound cushy and fiery in whatever melody they adventure out from.

Lyman’s voice is sultry and artful with a range here of at least four octaves. Grace, sensitivity and jubilancy are the core of Anna’s Latin jazz compositions and all along the tracks, this collective deploys a nice orchestration, travelling within the many different soundscapes she wants them to visit. The highlights of this release include Lighter, Deme El Sol, Sway, Baila Lupita!, Dindi

Sway-Quien Sera is a beautiful and artful work of vocal/band cohesion intermixed with melodic Lyman themes, coupled with interludes of strings, percussion, drums and phrases. The many Latin lines Anna showcases here call into giving an album full of knack and reliance. Overall this album features Anna Lyman’s scats and also her abilities to perform Latin jazz. The compositions: Lighter, Island Man, Secretos, Deme El Sol, Baila Lupita!, are tinted with orchestrated tones as Lyman’s cohorts endow a bouncing accompaniment. Its endeavours to be a musically well performed album and also easy to listen to. Recommended.

Tracks: Lighter, Island Man, Secretos, Deme El Sol, Sway, One Note Samba, Triste, Baila Lupita!, Dindi

Artist's Website:

Reviewed by: Dr. Ana Isabel Ordonez

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"A Voice like Honey, Songs Like Wine"

Voice Like Honey,Songs Like Wine
Issue date: 10/21/08 Section: Life & Leisure

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If you're not Hispanic, Brazilian or Portuguese, don't be intimidated by the fact you won't understand most of the Romance languages coming out of Anna Acevedo Lyman mouth.

That's right, the Motown Soul senorita is back with her newest release, "Sway-Quien Sera." Well, isn't this going to be interesting…

Believe me it is. This culturally seasoned Latin-Jazz production marinated in a zesty, soul searching mix of salsa and jazz blues is a colorful bloom in today's music wasteland. It's a breath of fresh air to say the least.

For all of you rap and rock music heretics who probably can't even name one Latin American singer besides Shakira, I think it's about time to stop bashing electric guitars through sound sets and gangbanging "haters" with toy guns.

Aren't you too old for that? All I'm recommending for you is to get out more, expand your horizons. Just listen to some of Anna Acevedo Lyman's album.

The first song, "Island Man," a tropical tango reminiscent of an island paradise, will have you thinking you're in the West Indies lying on soft sand with a glass of Chardonnay. With Lyman's sensual, seductive vocals and the crafty, smooth bounce of the toms and bass drum from the percussion, the listener is induced in a vivid daydream of lush palm trees, exquisite cuisine and a sublime cerulean sky overhead.

It's both imaginative and memorable, with Lyman at her finest.

The second song, "Lighter", is a track about unrequited love that paints the perfect secret admirer with the daring tenor saxophone dancing passionately from a pitch C2 to C5 in a matter of seconds. Hands down, it's mesmerizing and audacious from beginning to end.

Other highlights include "One Note Samba," "Deme El Sol," and "Sway- Quien Sera," with Dindi lulling the listener at the end of the CD. The rest, "Triste" and "Secretos," are also two possible favorites that might grab you and refuse to let go.

After reading this review, I hope you give the album a chance. Most of the songs are great.

And even if you don't understand most of what she says, you'll finally come to realize the beauty of enjoying something you're not used to. - Rutgers-Newark Observer, Newark N.J.


* Sway-Quien Sera, 2008.
* It's Lush, ALM records, 2002



Anna Acevedo Lyman, (B.Mus., Jazz), was born into a Latin-American family in the Detroit area and grew up listening to Motown, Jazz, and Cuban/Puerto Rican music, as well as South American Jazz. She sings in English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and French! With a 4-octave, Tenor, Alto, Soprano voice, SHE CAN SWING AND SAMBA, with SALSA! After touring as Patsy Cline, she also writes COUNTRY!

Anna writes her original music in Spanish and English in the same song, and adds bluenotes and blues progressions to Latin Jazz for a distinctly personal sound. Her first paying gig was Expo 86! As a child she was exposed to Caribbean music, Classical music, Motown Soul, and Brazilian bossa. Her influences include:

Stevie Wonder
Sergio Mendes
Ramsey Lewis
Rita Ribeiro
Johnny Matthis
Dinah Washington
Hank Williams
Patsy Cline

In her early years she relocated to various spots on Canada's West Coast, and finally in 2004 settled in Nanaimo, the hometown of Diana Krall, to take a Bachelor of Music in Jazz at Vancouver Island University (graduated 2008).

Anna's music has received critical approval, and was featured in a CBC Radio interview (North by Northwest), JAZZ REVIEW: , the RUTGERS NEWARK OBSERVER in Newark N.J., and more.

Anna writes Swing and Latin-Jazz, , and after touring briefly as Patsy Cline, with Jack Jackson's Echoes of Legends, Country Music Hall of Fame Show, began writing Country tunes, and has enough to do a Country-Roots CD.
She is also developing a Latin-Blues genre of her own.

Anna writes her music on the guitar, which she has played since she was a small child.

Her newest release "Sway - Quien Sera" was just released at the Pender Harbour Jazz Festival, Sept. 20, 2008. In 2002 she released her first CD, "It's Lush" with Rick Kilburn on Bass, Walter Martella on piano/trumpet, Keith Copeland on Drums.