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She is described as an "Amazing Talent." A songstress who can "interpret a song with such raw, heart-stirring emotion, it will either bring you to your feet, or to your knees." Singing, dancing and acting on stages across the U.S. AnnaMaria has made a name for herself as a Lady of Excellence.


AnnaMaria Pasley, the phenomenal R&B/Gospel vocalist, has been surrounded by powerful musical and spiritual influences her entire life. "My mother was my first musical influence," explains the Miami-born singer, "While she was in the kitchen cooking dinner for the family, she would sing. As a child, I would hide behind the counter and just listen to her praise God."

A preacher's daughter, and the fifth child in a family of eight children, it would have been easy to get lost in the crowd, but AnnaMaria demonstrated a devotion to God, family, and music that made her outstanding.

She won her first music award at the tender age of six years old, going on to dominate the competition for the next five years. It was only at the request of the contest organizers for her to refrain from the competition that allowed another vocalist to supplant her. As AnnaMaria grew, she continued to make her mark being named "Most Talented Senior" in high school.

AnnaMaria Pasley worked diligently to sharpen her vocal skills, influences such as Candi Staten, Shirley Caesar, Commissioned, Ella Fitzgerald, and Anita Baker. Shortly after high school, AnnaMaria demonstrated her talent as a gifted lyricist during her time as a member of the R&B/Gospel act, Rebirth of Soul. AnnaMaria co-wrote a number of powerful songs heard over the South Florida airwaves, including Let the Spirit Move, Release the Pain and everyone's favorite Hiding Place.

This past December 2003, the CD Pre-Release project I Am was launched. This 12-song freshman project was produced and written in a three months time period covering various genres/styles of music and marking this vocalist an accomplished producer and songwriter. "She has an uncanny ability to hear music and write a hit song. That is her unique gift from God" states long time Seattle music promoter Bryant K. Osborne.

Currently AnnaMaria resides in the State of Washington where she was a three-time winner at the 14th Annual Washington State Christian Talent Contest. For 2004 she won first place in the songwriting division, Female Vocalist category, and was awarded the overall Grand Prize Winner.

While teaching dance and mentoring youth in the community, AnnaMaria found time to audition for The KIRO-TV sponsored Star Search Seattle. With over 200 auditions and serious competition, she walked away with the championship

"Everything that God created was great, grand, colorful, and brilliant. So, every gift that we present (to the world) should be incredible, magnificent, vibrant, and radiant.

AnnaMaria Pasley is about her Heavenly Father's Business



Written By: AnnaMaria Pasley

I Am

I am a child of God
And as a matter of fact
They call me born-again
Ain’t nothing wrong with that
My soul has been redeemed
Washed in the blood of the Lamb
Don’t have to wonder no more
Because I know who I am

As I walk by
I can see the gaze from across the room
People wonder why
Who told me I could do the things I dare to do
I won’t deny
Royalty is in my blood and it’s guaranteed
Confession time
Not because I’m so tight but Calvary

You want to know who I am
You want to know who I am


Try to shut me down
Now that is not something I would recommend
Cause if you didn’t know
My father God is the King of Kings
He told me
To take his name to the nations and declare His praise
And don’t hold back
And he would cover me for the rest of my days


Written By: AnnaMaria Pasley, Dante' Miro

Hiding Place

Under the shadow of the Almighty
Is where I choose to dwell
Resting in your arms
Hearing your voice
Saying it is well
In your love I find eternal peace
And joy unspeakable has over come me
And now I am complete

Your love is the one thing
That I can’t live without
And because of your sweet love
I can say without a doubt

In the time of trouble
I’ll not run away
In the time of distress
I will not cease to pray
In the midst of turmoil
I will seek your face
For it is in you Lord
I find my hiding place

Shelter from the storm
Take my pain away
You bring a new day
Heaven light my way
Jehovah Rapha
Heal my wounded soul
With one touch from your hand
And I will be made whole

Nothing noone can take me from His hand
For it’s on the solid
On the solid rock I stand


Written By: AnnaMaria Pasley, Navelle Davis

I keep Falling in Love with Him

I keep Falling in Love with Him
Over and over and
Over and over again

He gets sweeter and sweeter as the days go by
Oh what a love between my Lord and I

I keep Falling in Love with Him
Over and over and
Over and over again


I Am-The album
Show Me the Way-Single

Set List

Sets vary depending on event /venue.

I AM (Contemporary/Pop)
HOLD ON TO ME (Gospel)
HE'S GOOD (Gospel)