Anna Neale

Anna Neale


"Neale looked like what Christina Aguilera would look like if she could write songs and play the guitar" Chart Magazine - Canada


Hailing from Woking in Surrey comes a sensual, playful and feisty singer songwriter, Anna Neale. After touring as a member of the Dublin soul band The Commitments Anna’s move to become a performer in her own right has seen her take her career to a new level. So far Anna has performed her unique acoustic rock (or ‘sex folk’ as dubbed by the national Canadian press!) with gutsy vocals around the world, attracting the attention of an increasing number of fans with her live, TV and radio appearances.

Winner of 2009's Guildford Brit Award for Best Female Solo Artist, this year has seen Anna complete her new album ‘Touch’ with producer Jez Larder (One Eskimo, Amy MacDonald) and headline at the world renowned Canadian Music Week festival (CMW) in Toronto.

In 2008 Anna reached the finals of the London Metro's 'On-line, On-tour' competition', and the finals of MTV’s 2008 ‘Get Seen, Get Heard’ competition. Her interview and song (filmed live at 'Bed' in her home town) ‘Soul Momma’ received regular play on various MTV channels across the UK over the spring and summer. To finish the year, Anna performed as part of O2 Undiscovered before the Elton John concert at the O2 Arena.

Anna’s past credits include playing at the sell out BPI showcase as part of Canada’s NXNE festival in 2006, where she was the highest rated solo artist. Part of her Canadian tour saw her writing and recording with Justin Gray (Joss Stone, Emma Bunton) and John Wozniak (Marcy Playground).

As well as showcasing at Manchester’s renowned ‘In The City’ music conference and performing regularly at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Anna has performed as part of SXSW in Austin, Texas, and at the NEMO Music Festival in Boston USA in 2005. Anna’s Boston appearances resulted in her track ‘All For Nothing’ topping the NEMO Starbucks download charts across the whole of New England.

Her new album ‘Touch’ is set release in February 2010 in conjunction with independent label 'Somebody's Music'.

"Unlike the typical fare of thin, airy-voiced female folksters, Neale surprises by breaking away from the pack with a gutsy vocal style that’s both sensual and soulful." Metro, Toronto, CA

“A sassy songstress with a shrewd observational eye which she uses to great effect in her melodic tales of life and love.” Linda Serck, BBC Berkshire

“At certain points Neale looked like what Christina Aguilera would look like if she could write songs and play the guitar.” Chart Attack, Canada


Waterloo Bridge

Written By: Anna Neale

Was it a year ago today,
That I met you I see it as clear as day.
I still remember what you said.

Pale opaque eyes,
With a mass of dirty blond hair.
You had a look of charmed, innocence.

Now I'm walking down the South Bank,
With music in my ears,
The distant call of memory, echoes in the air.
With my hands I can still trace,
The outline of your ghost,
And the way you felt against me,
As you moved in so close.

But the people on Waterloo Bridge don't see,
This moment between you and me.
No the people on Waterloo Bridge don't stop,
cause there's nothing for them to watch.

The chill of the spring air,
Brings me back to the day, to day,
And the moment disappears just like that.

Standing in freeze frame,
Against the city lights,
As I catch my breath again, and sink into that night.
Moving so slowly, like you are still here,
As the wind plays through my fingers, in that moment we shared.

Chorus (as above)

Mid 8: I know, it feels like so long ago,
But from time to time I wonder what would it have been like.

Chorus x 2


Written By: Anna Neale


I've quietly, watched you creeping into my dreams.
Left to me, I've tried to put these feelings to sleep.
But when I look at you, when I look into those eyes,
I find I sink, all my rational thought disappears.


Is it just the club lights, that make you look different tonight, Oh I, Oh I.
I'm seeing something new in you, now I don't know, what to do, Oh I, Oh I


Where has this, come from when did I think,
That maybe we, could be more than just company?
Oh I feel it now, yes I feel it deep inside,
Now I finally see that it's you that I needed all the, time.


Mid 8:

Oh I, don't know what to do, no I.


Chorus out

I'm trying to control myself,
But I don't know what I'm gonna do.


MTV - 'Get Seen, Get Heard' finals 2008 with national Televison exposure in the UK.
EP "Handle With Care" (2007) reached Radio 2, BBC 6 and local stations with first single 'Soul Momma'. Some of the songs were also used on MTV Italia & BBC Four.
Single 'Can You Read Me' (2006) and 'Everywhere' (2005)achieved radio play on: BBC 6 Music, Local BBC radio stations including Manchester & Southern Counties, various commercial radio stations incl 96.4 Eagle FM (Surrey & Hants, UK) & KLBJ (Austin, Texas, USA), streamed on BBC Radio 1's One Music web site. Also various Pod Casts and internet stations world wide.
New album 'Touch' is to be released Feb 2010 in conjunction with independent label 'Somebody's Music'. Produced with Jez Larder (Amy MacDonald, One Eskimo, Estelle).
Acoustic EP 'January' was released November 2008, the EP 'Handle With Care' was released in June 2007on iTunes. Single 'Can You Read Me' was released on iTunes & Napster in March 2006 with track 2 'Life is So Good' winning track of the day on Garage Band.

Set List

Long Gone
Waterloo Bridge
St. Peter
Soul Momma