Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, CAN

Pat Deighan & The Orb Weavers are a 4 piece band from Charlottetown PEI with a sound that blends rock, indie and alt country tunes into some of the best ragged ass, bar-brawl and hangover rock and roll anywhere.


Annapilla is a three piece rock band based in Charlottetown PEI. The band has just recently released their first full length album, Ground Tales. It contains twelve tracks of pure rock enjoyment. The band expects the next year to be a busy one promoting the new album and recording the next one. A top priority for the band will be off-Island gigs to promote the new album. The CD showcases the band and their grunge/70s rock sound to great effect.

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Written By: Annapilla

Marching down the road
Gonna lose control
Dogs inside my soul
Push me 'twards my goal

I know that we've met
Never a regret
Just a hopeless boy in red
Won't forget these words you said, you said

Roaming and cursing around, wanna smash your dirty mouth
A friend is a friend you see, so step back in your boundary
and let her go

One thing you may miss
The way she used to kiss
Though we won't begin
I'll win her heart again, again, again

Junk in the Trunk

Written By: Annapilla

n-n-n-now we lift the package from the back of the bunk
we got a run to make
forever glancing as we seal up the trunk
our souls are always at stake

la-la-la-looking all around as if we're breaking the law
we keep our thoughts to ourselves
another party with the officer's claw
another term on the shelf the trunk
hot on the highway, it's a Saturday night the trunk
we're gonna make it on our heavenly flight
only so high up as we're crossing a strait
b-big old bridge indeed
blue power coming through your gates
and off to feed the need

Deuce of Clubs

Written By: Annapilla

i'm about far from wear
he's about clean me bare
back of truck outta there
never say i can't share

no remorse, hey disease
well, at least you don't deceive
no remorse, hey disease
well, at least you can...

"got a smoke" dirty cat
"wanna drink" won't drink that
"wait around" pay you back
thanks again 'til next attack

Faster Than Pain

Written By: Annapilla

faster than pain, is a bullet
twice the price of a life with the flow
would you say it's even worth it?
it's like a weapon, you can start it and go

we'll walk down by the water
skip our rocks off the surface
get some air 'til the hour is shot
have a go at the lurking

just one drive can do the killing
you wouldn't do that to a person you knew
tear a cable from the engine
i can't drive, i'm twice as hammered as you

we'll walk down by tomorrow
wave our hands at the future
get caught stealing a few road signs
free ourselves from the torture

faster than pain, is a bullet
twice the price of a life with the flow
just one drive can do the killing
you wouldn't do that... to people you know


Ground Tales - 2007

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