anna's ghost

anna's ghost


Anna's Ghost is an up and coming indie fold act from Portland, Maine. Well received in southern Maine for their first year, this act is ready looking for some larger oppertunities.


After only a year Anna's ghost has grown much. Initially what started off as a impromptu show with Raymond and Riley, went so well the two decided to pull in a bass player (Pike) and have been steadily gigging since. Their first CD was cut in the spring of 2007 and local sales have been steady.

Gabrielle Raymond comes from a background of jazz and folk. Until Anna's ghost Raymond was primarily a singer/songwriter, but she had appeared with many local acts, live and recorded.

Ian Riley played bass in Bluestone, a Portland rock act for several years before climbing behind the drums.

Jake Pike, also of Bluestone, comes from a singer songwriter background. his knowledge of the guitar allowed an easy transition onto the bass.



Set List

We draw from a couple dozen songs. Able to play up to an hour and a half if needed.