Ann Austin

Ann Austin

 Sydney, New South Wales, AUS

A mad corporate mother inspired by three crazy kids and accompanied by an albino Philippine genius.

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Everybody Gets Things Wrong

Written By: Ann Austin

Jack was writing down his name and got the spelling all wrong
Put the K before the C and made the A stick too long
His lips began to quiver in a frustrated way
UNtil his mummy sang this song

Boys, girls ou can make a mistake
Learning from mistakes is how we get great
Me, my now there's no need to cry
Everybody gets things wrong
Oh dear and if it's made you sad
Be sure to tell yourself mistakes don't make people bad
All they do is tell us what we need to learn more
With practice that mistake will be gone.

Jane was drawing faces and she smudged both the ears
The nose was way too long and the eyes were too near.
She threw down her pencil in a frustrated way,
Until her Daddy sang this song (chorus)

It's good when doing things that we do them with care
But if they don't come out quite right then please don't dispair
It may be that you might have a miserable life
If you don't allow yourself to sometimes not get things right
So if you're doing something and you think that its wrong
Try not to get frustrated and remember the song (chorus)