Anna Wang

Anna Wang

 Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Fun, catchy, pop music with attitude!


In the beginning, there was Madison, WI. Then, there was heaven and hell. A little singer songwriter named Anna Wang rose out of the ashes and stumbled across brothers Ross and Noah, who happened to play drums and guitar, respectively. They decided to get together and bring the music to life...but there was still one member missing! The bass player! After much trial and tribulation, they finally found Ein. In fall 2009, they became Anna Wang and the Oh Boys!, poised and ready to rock the second decade of the new millenium...and the years after, of course. As a group, they rock out to good old fashioned pop music, with clever lyrics and catchy hooks, drawing influences from sex, emo kids, Phil Spector, 60s pop, 70s pop, soda pop, lollipops, gumdrops, flip flops, sock hops, and many many other wonderful things.


Anna Wang's first full length album, "Radio", will be out soon!

Set List

Typical Set List (about 1 hour)

-Best I Never Had
-What Lovers Do
-Blink of an Eye
-Rocky Road
-Truth is (I Lies)
-Build Me Up Buttercup (cover)
-Never Love
-Made for Each Other
-Things Will Fall
-Take You On