Anna Wolfe

Anna Wolfe


Acoustic guitar and piano plus galvanic vocals. Poetic lyrics for old souls. Deeply healing messages and profound insights shared in a gorgeous array of hilly melodies and arrangements. Compared many times to Joni Mitchell and early Kate Bush.



Anna Wolfe is simply unforgettable. Maybe it’s her intriguing, yet innocent voice, belying an ancient, simple wisdom in her lyrics that leaves a lasting impression. It could be the combined experience of a young heart and old soul, resulting in songs that earn her praise with her peers and with an ever increasing legion of fans. Or perhaps it’s the combination of softness, laced with brilliance, in her blonde hair and blue eyes that gives no hint at first meeting of her inner strength and fortitude. Whatever it is, Anna seems to leave a profound piece of herself with everyone who hears her music.

Growing up in Ohio, in a 150 year old “haunted” farm house, set the stage for Anna’s intuitive and observational abilities to emerge, translating later into a significant advantage for the future songwriter. At home, communing with horses, the vastness of nature and being sensitive to and aware of the energies around her, Anna developed an intuitive and keen ability to delve into and identify what’s been buried below the surface.

Anna subliminally was influenced toward the arts by her family. Her paternal grandfather was a playwright, director, and classical musician. Her father is a sculptor and Anna dabbled when she could on his treasured antique grand piano and old nylon-stringed guitar. And her other four siblings also followed in artistic pursuits. But it was in Anna’s subconscious innocence, that she corralled the childlike freedom of casually and freely composing her own songs as a young girl. This all came to fruition for her in high school when Anna won her school’s scholarship program to record what was to become her first album. However, Anna was also becoming a budding actress as well, garnering many leading roles along the way.

Encouraged by her success as a thespian, Anna decided to attend college in Boston as a theater major. But moving to a big city was initially a shock for this rural teenager. The comfort she had sought from her childhood farmland was replaced by densely-packed spaces and an overload of people to interact with, compared to her youth. Deciding to leave her studies behind before graduation, Anna embarked on her own life’s journey, eventually leading her back to her music and into successfully integrating her intuitive abilities into her art and life.

It was that journey that laid the groundwork for Anna to earn her reputation with other noted songwriters. Anna had four albums under her belt, performed over the years solo and with her own duos and bands, logging countless performances and successes locally behind her. But, it was when she attended Colorado’s Rocky Mountain Songwriting School in the summers from 2001-2003, that veteran teacher Paul Reisler knew Anna’s songwriting prowess was undeniable. Introducing her to other well-known writers, they also encouraged and supported Anna’s path.

Anna’s career took a definitive leap forward in 2003 as well while attending a folk conference in Nashville. Beth Nielsen Chapman, who had met Anna through Rocky Mountain, introduced her to Wendy Waldman. Upon hearing one of Anna’s earlier performances, Waldman was single mindedly determined to catch every subsequent showcase that Anna was playing until the wee hours of the morning.

Impressed and moved, Wendy offered to produce her now current CD, “My Treasure,” (2005). Recorded in 2003/2004 at Waldman’s own California studio, Wendy’s production brings out every nuance of Anna’s writing, with a strong supporting cast of musicians and backing vocals, contributed by both Wendy and Beth Nielsen Chapman. Recently relocating to Nashville with her husband Philip, Anna and her new CD are set to make an indelible stamp on the acoustic music world.


Jane's Song

Written By: Anna Wolfe

Jane’s Song
By: Anna Wolfe

She channels the stars she don’t channel the dead
She said let your spirit pour down through your head
She said let it come in way down past your birth
Way down through your feet into the earth

She said many people ignore their legs
They just walk around on spiritless pegs
She said your legs are holy, your body ain’t bad
In a way she is the best friend that I’ve had

Because I feel my Mother she tickles my feet
Even when I walk on thick concrete
No it is no fable to be loved by God
Neither it’s a fable to be loved by Sod

And so I cry,
I don’t know what to do
With my spirit pouring all the way the way through!
It doesn’t mean I’m an angel or devil or saint
It only means I am my own complaint.

/:/ I will be kind
I will be kind
I will be kind
To this body of mine /:/

I’m some kind of wire
I’m some kind of tower
I’m some kind of temple
I’m some kind of flower
I’m some kind of water
To some kind of wine
And so I will be kind
To this body of mine


She’s like a satellite dish
They swim in like cosmic fish
The words flow out on her brave tongue
They teach us all to become One

If My Mind Was aHound

Written By: Anna Wolfe

If My Mind was a Hound
By: Anna Wolfe

If my mind was a hound
My hound mind would chase down the fox of negativity
If the fox was one cruel thing someone said
My hound mind would chase down the fox and make me a coat to wear
And I would wear that coat
Long past the winter into spring
I’d never take it off
It would shroud everything

Oh take me back in time
To when someone first gave to me
My hunting hound mind
And tell them
To take it away
Oh please just let me be
Just let me play
And love me like the deer
Loves her new born baby fawn
Keep me by your side
Safe from every hound

Oh what’s this little lie
That caused me to chase down the fox with my hound mind?
Was it something somebody said?
Cause I used to think I would be better off dead


Today I released the hound
I told him that I had no need for his service anymore
Transformed him with my magic wand
From a blood thirsty beast
To a velvet ocean shore
And I transformed the fox
Into a zillion sparkles on the water
I held the smiling sky
Said, I’m grateful brilliant plotter


My Treasure 2005 Produced by Wendy Waldman
I Never was Cool 1999 Self Produced