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Woodbridge, Virginia, United States

Woodbridge, Virginia, United States
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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"Review of Ann Blair – Col. Tamar Alexia Fleishman"

Ann Blair hails from Woodbridge, Virginia. She’s got the country/pop thing going, but with original songs. Tunes like “Daddy’s Car” show some unique sounds and rhythms. “Love You By the Way” probably could get some national country radio airplay. She has a clear voice and the production values in her recordings are decent.

- Southern Fried Magazine Nov 07

"Original Girl Song Contest -2009"

Visit to take in this impressive songstress! "Love You By The Way" takes us into her world and with a distinct sound you'll be singing the lyrics by the end too! - Original Girl Magazine -Spring 2009

"Ann Blair"

"Ann Boyter displays a deep understanding of how to shape a song into a powerful message that is at once meaningful and emotionally accessible. In addition to the strength of her writing, Ann's vocal chops are impeccable."

Phil Demetrion,
Europe Correspondent

- RELIX Magazine Sept 2005

"Artist has ‘No Regrets’ in Pursuing Her Dreams!"

Ann Boyter hasn’t led an easy life – and her music reflects it.

“Now with the bottle came the bruises, I’ll never understand how you say you love me, and hurt me with your hands,” goes the chorus of her song “Bottles-N-Bruises.”

The Oakton resident acknowledges the song is about domestic violence, but won’t say whether it stems from her personal experience.

“I hope it will touch somebody,” she said. “The person decides, ‘I can’t stay here anymore.’ She takes her pride and dreams and leaves.”

So far, Boyter has sold about 300 of her three-song compact disc preview, “No Regrets.” The full-length version, with 12 songs, will be released in January.

“The quote I live by is, ‘If you have regrets, no lesson is learned,’” she said. “Instead of looking at choices I’ve made as regrets, I learned from the experiences.”

Boyter grew up in Northern Virginia and spent countless hours locked in her bedroom listening to all kinds of music. She didn’t realize it then, but the exposure to Barbra Streisand, Judy Garland, Ella Fitzgerald, Shirley Bassey and Broadway musicals was an excellent education.

She loves the music of Patsy Cline, Janis Joplin and Eva Cassidy, a Maryland singer who died of melanoma at age 33.

Boyter wrote her first song, “Hello,” at age 15. Although she never recorded this ode to innocent love, she may pass it on to a 14-year-old female singer she’s mentoring.
Boyter began performing at age 8 and participated in many school plays.

Her best friend, Mary Jo Klika of Manassas, said Boyter’s work has evolved through performances, interaction with musical professionals and lessons taught by life.

“I think she sounds so much better live,” Klika said. “She has such stage presence. She’s got very catchy lyrics and tunes. I think she’s on her way.”

Boyter graduated from Falls Church High School in 1985 and studied drama at Northern Virginia Community College for two years.

She recorded a three-song album in 1993, but took time off from her career to raise her son, Eddie.

In the meantime, she’s worked as an executive assistant for Jacques Rebibo, who now is her career advisor. Rebibo first heard Boyter sing at an office Christmas party a decade ago.

“I was shocked,” he said. “She sang beautifully. I told her she should go for it.”

Now that her son is older, Boyter has decided to pursue wholeheartedly her lifelong dream.

Boyter’s songwriting process is not long and labored, but rather comes in flashes. “I don’t sit down and write a song,” she said. “Songs just come to me and they’re there in an instant.”

It’s fitting that Boyter expresses herself through country music, a genre replete with tales of bad marriages, family deaths, alcoholism, poverty and job loss.

Her songs acknowledge life’s hard knocks, but remain hopeful.

One song, “Daddy’s Car,” is aimed at NASCAR fans. Inspired by Dale Earnhardt’s family, it’s about a young girl watching her father race and win.

Another, “Hero,” is dedicated to Eddie.
“He gave me a lot of strength to keep going when times were hard,” she said. “He’s been my inspiration.”

Boyter works with guitarist Paul Bell, drummer Robby Magruder, bass player Barry Warsaw and keyboardist Marco Delmar.

The group’s efforts are not all about sales and stardom. Boyter hopes her music will support the battles against domestic violence, breast cancer and diabetes.

In an effort to preserve privacy, Boyter may release her next album under the stage name of Ann Blair. But the songs will remain true to her.

“I’ve known since I was 5 what I wanted to do,” she said. “There have been times in life where I’ve tried to kill it, to stuff it. But it’s just a whisper and it never goes away, no matter what you do.”

For more information, visit the Web at

There were pictures of Ann as well in the paper version of this article and a caption that was really encouraging,

“Oakton resident Ann Boyter has used experiences-some hers, some from others- to fashion a musical style that is beginning to catch on.”
- Sun Gazette- Sept 2004

"Indie Spotlight Artist Ann Blair"

Ann Blair considers herself a storyteller, after one listen of her all original release of Wanted You To Know, there should be no argument, she is! The songs are all original songs written solely by Blair, they are honest mini-stories with a lesson in each. Not only are the words honest, so is the voice. There is nothing studio engineered about that. One would never guess that Blair grew up 15 minutes from our nation’s capital in Virginia, with songs such as Daddy’s Car and Love you, By the way. Discovering her voice at the young age of eight years old, then her gift for writing at 15, along with an enormous ability for acting, she was considered a triple threat.

Blair has performed in Nashville, Las Vegas and DC. In 2005, she was on the Washington DC leg of the Mamapalooza Tour; she also performed the National Anthem for the Washington Nationals to over 38,000 attendees. Blair has established herself not only as a songwriter but also as a publisher with ASCAP. Blair airs on 20 + Internet radio stations across the country including Americana Rhythm Radio, Rockabilly Radio and Whole Wheat Radio and gaining recognition rapidly. She has been reviewed by Relix Magazine, European Correspondent Phil Demetrion writing, "Ann Blair displays a deep understanding of how to shape a song into a powerful message that is at once meaningful and emotionally accessible. In addition to the strength of her writing, Ann's vocal chops are impeccable." As well as critiqued by #1 Songwriter Jason Blume (Brittney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Oakridge Boys), saying “I can find nothing wrong with your writing ability you do everything the way you should, your vocals have clarity and you possess something different.” “You are a hit maker, you will go far.”

Her preview album of “Wanted You To Know..” entitled “No Regrets”, earned her a 2004 Washington Area Music Association nomination, she was nominated yet again for the 2006 awards in the category of Female Country Vocalist. “I love stories of life, true stories that hold lessons or messages, writing songs and performing them is just my way of sending the message and hoping that something can be learned or harvested from them, whether it sparks hope in someone or it creates a fire it has done its job. I have a personal quote “if you have regrets, no lesson was learned.” It is evident throughout Blair’s music she has learned the lessons, and she “Wanted You To Know….”

You can hear samples of Wanted You To Know at
- Country Stars Mar 07

"ANN BLAIR - Climbing the Ladder of Musical Success"

September 2007

In Falls Church, Virginia- a city with cultural history, known for their renowned museums and art galleries and a variety of restaurants and shops, a Singer/Songwriter was born. Her name is Ann Blair. Ann discovered that from a young age, she found her inspiration and wanted to become a performer. From the start of second grade she landed a big role in a play and this discovery led her onto the path in which she has come today!

She recalls her father taking her to see “Annie” when she was ten years old and from that moment on she knew what her destiny would be. She started out by singing at school PTA meetings, local church talent shows and weddings. In High School she landed quite a few leading roles in both Drama’s and Musical’s. At the age of just fifteen, she wrote and composed her first piece of work and she says, “I was hooked”.

Ann’s songs are stories. She tells stories within her lyrics. They speak of real life situations that she may have witnessed or something that has affected her within her life. When asked what she loved most about performing, she replied, “The connection with the people, touching someone, and how I can make other people feel that relate to my songs”.

Sweden and Germany have really taken to Ann and her music, giving her considerable airplay on their radio networks. Ann has been awarded with two Washington Area Music Association nominations. The nominations she received were for a preview of “Wanted You To Know” and the second nomination for Female Country Vocalist of the year. Ann released her all original full length CD in November of 2006. To this date she is in digital distribution with 41 companies, and CD sales through CD Baby. She is featured on Americana Rhythm Radio, earning a review in “Americana Rhythm Magazine” both print and online, Country Stars Online, New Artist Radio, Whole Wheat Radio, LexRock,
WSVN Radio, Rockability Radio, EORadio. Ann has performed at the Mamapalooza Tour in 2005, The Washington Nationals In July in which she performed before 38,000 people. On Clear Channel Radio online, her title track from “Wanted You to Know” put into their rotation in July of this year - has gone from #386 in just twenty days to #24 on their charts.

It is clear to see why this little girl from the beautiful City of Falls Church has received much acclaim and credit to her singer/songwriting abilities. Ann is a member of Songwriter’s Association and the Washington Area Music Association. She is also an ASCAP member as a writer and a publisher. Ann can be found at and

From the time she wrote her first piece at the age of fifteen, up until the present day, she has captured the hearts of many with her meaningful lyrics and the composition of music that have entwined together along with her smooth vocal abilities . Be watching for more from this wonderful Songwriter/Songstress in the years to come. For Ann Blair will be climbing the ladder of musical success!

- Jeanne Stewart - Indie Islands Mag

"New Music Spotlight Ann Blair Aug 09"

Singer/Songwriter/Performer Ann Blair is making music that touches the heart especially when music fans hear her soft tender vocals. She easily sets the bar high with her overall style of performing that others in the music industry should take note. In this recent spotlight with our Webzine, Ann speaks to us about her passion for music. Enjoy!

Isaac: What has been the best part of 2009 for you musically so far?

Ann: The most exciting part of 2009 was receiving FM radio airplay of my single "Wanted You to Know." DC's 98.7 WMZQ noticed the single had received some 29,000 + plays through Clear Channel online New Music. They put together "Homegrown Country" a show that highlights local artists in the country music genre, giving my track airplay on the premiere show and again in the following shows over the preceding weeks. I always said if I can just get a song on the radio I would be happy…how happy I am!!

Isaac: What do you feel has been the biggest accomplishment for 2009 so far?

Ann: Again, I have to go with being aired on FM radio especially in my hometown and being part of the premiere show, kind of feels like being part of a little history in the making.

Isaac: Describe the music scene in your area.

Ann: The local music scene in Northern Virginia is very alive and very eclectic. On any given night, you can find just about any type of music you're in the mood for, from jazz to blues from country to rock. With a vast amount of venues ranging from intimate coffee houses to large capacity arenas, it is easy to understand how you can find exactly what you're looking to hear.

Isaac: What has been the best venue to perform at and why?

Ann: I really enjoyed performing at Ned Devine's in Herndon, VA when I was part of the DC leg of the Mamapalooza tour. An intimate pub like atmosphere; making it very easy to connect with the audience.

I am looking forward though to playing one of the area's most popular venues on Sept 9, 09, Jammin Java in Vienna, VA. I have seen many performances at this coffee house venue, with its cozy atmosphere, faithful clientele and intimate audience seating. It always seems that every show there leaves the audience feeling like they were really part of something. I am now ready to take the stage to offer the same to my fans.

Isaac: Elaborate a little about whom were your biggest influences in the music industry and why?

Ann: This is hard to whittle down to just a few, growing up I got a hold of my parents record collection and locked myself in my bedroom with artists like, Johnny Cash, Shirley Bassey, The Carpenters, Barbara Streisand, Neil Diamond, Kenny Rogers, Crystal Gayle, Dolly Parton, Melanie. Also, having an older brother that was listening to Jim Croce, Harry Chapin, James Taylor, and The Eagles, I would say that my early influences have had an impact on my own creative writing and style of sound.

Isaac: Let's talk about what you feel you will bring to the music industry?

Ann: I feel I come to the industry with not only talent as a singer/songwriter, but as a person that offers songs that are life lessons that are meant to empower others. With messages of never giving up on your dreams, hope and cause to leave life endangering situations, messages of succeeding where the world might not think you belong, learning that all life's journeys no matter where you are in the journey at the time when you come out the other side if you can find the lesson it makes it all worthwhile.

Isaac: If you had an opportunity to work with one artist or group, who would it be and why?

Ann: James Taylor. I have recently come to the realization that Taylor's music has been highly influential in my life thus far. From a little girl long before I started songwriting; I could instantly sing his songs, with their floating lyrics and rhythmic melodies, such as Everyday to Your Smiling Face. Along with songs that touch the heart with their melancholy lyrics the likes of Her Town Too, Fire and Rain and You've Got A Friend. I see parallels in my own music and the stories they tell. To work with Taylor on any level would be a life dream and opportunity.

Isaac: How would you describe your music to others?

Ann: It has been said that I have fashioned a unique sound of my own. I have referred to myself as a metropolitan pop girl, lost in a county world. Metropolitan Country is how I classify it.

Isaac: What type of feedback have you received from fans about your music?

Ann: I have had so many people call me or write me to tell me how they could relate to each song on my album "Wanted You to Know", as well that they had exposed the music to friends and they too found the songs relatable to their own lives.

I have had people tell me that some of the songs gave them the courage they needed to take action to better their lives. Sort of like a lifting of veils. This is exactly what I want to hear, I always said that if I could just touch someone, or help someone with the messages in these songs that would be the greatest gift. I have been receiving gifts from the release of this album on a consistent basis.

Isaac: Where can fans locate you at online?

Ann:,, Apple ITunes, www.myspace\annblairmusic

To name a few!

Isaac: What can fans expect from you in the next five years?

Ann: Fans can expect more face to face performances from me, as well as a few new releases. I am currently in the studio working on another CD it's going to offer a different style and sound, however it will still carry that Ann Blair stamp. I hope to have that out late 2010, early 2011. There are two country singles due out late 2009 as well as a four song cover CD. So there is quite a bit happening right now which I am excited about.

Isaac: Time for some shout outs to your family, friends, and fans…

Ann: I thank my mother for always making me look wonderful; she is the best wardrobe lady around. My father for being so influential in my love of music and the arts, for taking me through the doors of the theatre to opening my ears to all the beautiful voices of the world. I thank my brother for always having my interest at heart. Eddie, for supporting the dream and watching it unfold...Remember to always live yours. Rob Rider, for the writing collaborations, for the beautiful ride, mostly for the love. Maureen Fannin, for a lifetime of friendship...Cheers to your music dreams. Mary Nagle, missing your support and strength more than you know...You are always in my heart. For all those that call themselves fans, many thanks from my heart...without your belief in me and my music none of this would be possible.

Isaac: Final words…

Ann: I have always had the mindset that whatever opportunities come out of what I do as a singer/songwriter, no matter how small they may seem to the world, I would treat them as if they were the biggest things that might happen for me. That I would be satisfied if nothing ever happened beyond that first press review or the opportunity to sing the National Anthem for the Washington Nationals and in doing that the bigger opportunities keep coming my way. In short keep in mind that the littlest opportunities in life should be treated as the biggest joys, be satisfied with what comes your way, and shout it from the rooftops for everyone to hear, for more is sure to follow.
- Juniors Cave Online Magazine

"Ann Blair"

Jan/Feb 2007

Ann Blair
Wanted You To Know

Ann Blair, of Woodbridge, VA, started singing and playing when she was only eight. Since then she’s gone on to perform in Nashville, Las Vegas, and Washington, D.C. In 1991 she was a finalist in WMZQ Radio’s Country Star on the Horizon, and a 2004 WAMMIE nominee. Her new CD, Wanted You To Know, is a crescendo on her musical career. The opening song declares, I’m “On My Way,” and from the sound of things, Ann is, on her way up. - American Rhythm Magazine

"Ann Blair - Wanted You to Know"

July 2007 Country Stars Online

Well my life is finally slowing down from major roller coaster, to the speed of a kiddie’s coaster, and it’s time to get back to work. I received Ann Blair’s album Wanted You To Know quite some time ago and had part of the review done and saved on my laptop when the charger went belly up. I finally finished the review and, I have to be honest, it wasn’t all that difficult since the songs were all so good that I had them memorized already.

Blair made a statement on her album sleeve; “This is a journey, this is who I am, and these are ‘Pieces of Life’ that have somehow affected me. They could be a stranger’s story, they could be your story, maybe even mine, and I hope you find the message in them.” Such a profound statement and each song on this album has an equally strong message. Blair wrote the lyrics and music for each one.

The first title on the album “On My Way” has an old outlaw movie feel to it, but the message in the song is far from outlaw, Blair is singing about chasing a dream she has had since she was young. She then goes into an entertaining tale of love about a “Boy Across Town.” She wisely wrote this song as a waltz, and I couldn’t think of a better dance to fall in love to, whether it is for the first time or falling in love all over again, that’s what this song is for.

I mentioned the statement Blair made and I do believe the next song “Bottles n‘ Bruises” shares a powerful message about alcoholism and abuse and how it affects a loved one but Blair has the cure for the blues and quickly lifts your spirits with the next song. “Daddy’s Car” is a fun story about watching Dad racing cars and growing up wanting to do the same. She has a definite talent for setting words to music and a voice that delivers them with emotional precision.

My personal favorite has to be “Wanting You To Know.” This song says everything about love and relationships and it’s a lot of fun to sing along with. I was constantly impressed with the personal effort Blair put into this album. In her song “Back There” Blair delivers a wonderful country melody complete with harmonica, guitar and piano that also tells a compelling story about not wanting to go back to past trials in life.

So many of us chase dreams and “Time to Go” is about doing just that. Letting go of everything and chasing your future. Blair sings “your future is just up the road and its time for you to go.” Hand clapping and toe tapping are a requirement in “Love You By the Way;" an up tempo, fun song about the carefree feeling of falling in love.

The album closes with “Hero,” a song written for Blair’s son Eddie. This song has an amazing truth to it. Blair sings “Love is all you need to be a hero” and she’s absolutely right. This is an entertaining and thoughtfully written album with more life lessons than you can imagine. There are some important things Ann Blair Wanted You to Know and, when all is said and done, you will be glad you listened.

- Album review by Amy Ross, CSO Staff Journalist

"Foley Entertainment, Inc. - Music Industry (evaluation review)"

Ann Blair’s evaluation scores:
Recording Quality/Production: 4 Lead Vocals: 4.5 Musicianship: 4.5 Lyric Writing: 5 Music Composing: 4.5 Melodies: 5 Song Arrangement: 4.5

RATING SCALE "1" Indicates the Lowest Score "5" Indicates The Highest Score

When an artist sees 4, 4.5 or 5 as their score in a category, it's a validation from a professional, confirming that the songs are of the highest level and show strong potential in the ultra-competitive music industry.

Ann, Thanks for submitting the material for the evaluation. I enjoyed listening to the songs. The lyrics are outstanding and the so is the musicianship. I most enjoyed your vocals. Very memorable and you sing with confidence. Your photography is also well done and very professional.
- Eugene Foley,
Foley Entertainment,Inc
- Eugene Foley


My Father's Songs (EP) November 2010 Release

Four song cover album

All In Love Is Fair
Over The Rainbow
The Way We Were
Starry, Starry Night

Wanted You To Know (LP/CD) December 2006 Release:

All music and lyrics Ann Blair

On My Way
Boy Across Town
Bottles -n-Bruises
Daddy's Car
Wanted You To Know
Back There
Time To Go
To Know You Well
Love You, By The Way

No Regrets (preview CD) 2004

On My Way
Bottles -n- Bruises
Time To Go

How Does It Feel? 1993

The Last Cowboy
How Does It Feel?
I Don't Know Where I'm Going



Ann's songs are pieces of lives, they are stories that have had some affect on her life. Comprised of strangers relayings, events I witnessed and perhaps some lived, they all hold valuable lessons and that is what is so compelling about them. My influence is life...experiences. The strongest thing that sets this music and these songs apart from others is the brutal honesty that runs through each one. The style? Well it has been said that it is one that I have fashioned,,,and will be quick to catch on.

Ann is working on her new release due out late 2011.

Announces - Live Performance - Ann at the Piano - in March 2011. Ann is better than ever in her new found forum at the piano you won't want to miss seeing her like this.

Nov 2010 - "My Father's Songs" - a four song cover CD released into Digital Distribution,

June 2010- Track "Wanted You To Know" continues to be aired on WMZQ 98.7 FM. Been in rotation since May 2009.

Ann awarded one of Top Ten Runner Up's for the Tennessee Concerts Songwriting Competition for the Month of Sept.

Aug 2009 - Junior's Cave Interview. (see press tab for copy of interview)

Ann signs Licensing Deal for single "Wanted You To Know".

May 2009 – Ann’s single "Wanted You to Know" aired on May 24, on Washington DC’s WMZQ 98.7 on the premiere Home Grown Country show. They have invited her to follow up with a live on air interview and performance as well in the next few weeks following the broadcast.

Celtica Radio in Wales places “Wanted You to Know” into rotation.

The Songwriters Network places “Love You By the Way” into rotation.

Women of Substance Radio places “Wanted You to Know” into rotation.

Red Dog Radio places “Love You By the Way” into rotation.

Radio Bracknell places “Boy across Town” into rotation.

AFC Radio Show places “Daddy’s Car” into rotation.

April 2009 - Radio Crystal Blue places “Back There” in rotation.

Iris Evolution hosts song contest, “Wanted You to Know” makes it through first round (we await the results

Feb 2009 -RMR Music chooses “Back There” for placement on the Project Cure Compilation

January 2009 - Ann Blair is awarded spot on O.G. Magazine Compilation CD with her song Love You, By The Way. Ann will be featured in O.G. Magazine Online and selected artists will be featured in O.G. Magazine in the printed publication.

O.G. Magazine is a lifestyle publication for 18-26 year old college students and young adults that features articles on beauty, fashion, relationships, entertainment and also gives the readers valuable information on career paths, resume building, study abroad and financial info. as well. O.G. Magazine is a fusion of Fashion & Beauty meets Real World Insight to help our readers advance to the next level and find their own paths along the way.

January 2009 - IRL Music Group "takes" Ann Blair to the Midem Show in France with an award of entry in the IRL Music Group online catalog and one year hosting (with 100 MB of space) on the internationally advertised website - They will print and distribute 250 full color catalogues to hand selected Record Labels, A&R and Publishers at Midem.

Crescent Music and Media selected Blair's song "Daddy's Car" to be on their 1st Country volume in their Listen 2 Me Series. release 09/2008.

"Love you by the Way", is airing on Outbound Radio starting 08/08 and Arizona's Pure Country Radio starting 07/08.

Ann aired on FM RADIO - WKJC 104.7 COUNTRY Tawas, MI with a 45 min interview and song play Dec 16, 2008.

Ann received a review in the November issue of Southern Fried Magazine.

Ann is featured in Indie Islands Magazines September issue at Read this outstanding review.

Ann's singles "Wanted You To Know" & "Back There" were picked up by Clear Channel and playing on their websites under the country genre.

Ann Blair is receiving radio air play on Radio Siljan in Sweden..they discovered her on CD Baby and found her to be a fit for their country show.

Ann released her all original full length album in December of 2006, titled "Wanted You to Know". She is in digital distribution with 48 companies to date including I-Tunes, and CD sales are through CD Baby.

She is featured on Americana Rhythm Radio, earning a review in Americana Rhythm Magazine (print and online). Country Stars Online, New Artist Radio, in addition to Whole Wheat Radio, LexRock, WSVN Radio, Rockabilly Radio, EORadio, Clear Channel .com, Country Girls Only, Radio Wayne, Floridas Big Wheel to name a few.

Ann earned a 2006 WAMMIE nomination for Female Country Vocalist of the Year.

Ann performed on the Mamapalooza 2005 Tour, Viva Vienna, 2005.

Ann performed the National Anthem at RFK stadium on July 19th, 2005.

Ann released a 3 song preview album "No Regrets" on June 19, 2004, from this date through September, 2004 she sold more than 500 CDs.

Ann earned a 2004 WAMMIE nomination for her 3 song preview CD No Regre