Ann Chealey

Ann Chealey


When you hear the melodies, and words that flow from this artists lips, you can feel the presence of the Lord, as if he was breathing upon you. She has the ability to take you out from your present state, to the mountain of transfiguration where change happens.


Born and raised in christian environment, but yet have taken many diverse paths in life. The anointing she carries, has equipped her to touch many genre's and lives. Being a preacher's preacher, the yoke destroying, atmosphere changing vocalist, coincides with her ability to meet people right where they are. Even though she has song on stage with some of the finest like, "The Canton Spirituals, McDonald Sister's, Luther Barnes", just to name a few, the love that she have for God and her family, has given her compassion for others, and to sing until the healing power and glory of God come down from heaven. She has been chosen to lead others in praise & worship to the mountain of transfiguration, and to bring life to many through Jesus Christ.


Her recent project, "I Give Him Praise", features songs such as; "It's All for Jesus, Still Have Joy, and Call Jesus."

Set List

I Give Him Praise
Still Have Joy
Call Jesus