Ann Chealey

Ann Chealey


Inspirational, life changing songs that brings life to dying situations. Music that rejuvenates the soul, and heals the mind. Energizing, yet appetizing soloist that shakes the heavens from the onset of her voice. The anointing that she carries runs the devil back to hell screaming for help. Listen!


The songs that have been written by this artist have been inspired by her life. Wasn't born in the church, so she knows what it is like to experience the world, yet not totally fitting in. Turning to God on the onset of a major crisis in her life, her songs are inspired by the grace that she has received, being a mother, single mother at one time, married, then divorced. Overcoming bad relationships, in spite of all, learning what true love is, through the love of Jesus. Her voice is set apart because when she sings on stage, its not for her, but for God first, and then for all those that needs to be lifted up in his love, and delivered out many difficult situations that they are experiencing, and elevated to a new level in God.


"I Give Him Praise"