Anne Goldie

Anne Goldie


We're unit of man and woman. psychedelic, hysteric, voluptuous psychiatric patient, it's very beautiful!! We loved by expert listener, for international sound.


Active in the Japan indie scene, and release some albums for another name 2003 2008.
Their albums had a good reputation .
Especially, loved by expert listener, for their international sound.

They were invited the music event about 30 times a year,
and every time changed listener for dance people.

From October 2009, they changed member and band name to Anne Goldie, and started new project.


We don't have tracks that have streaming or radio airplay.

Help me or us
hysteric to you
not up to me

Set List

bac on like
bullet's waves
steering for nothing
you will
Do you want to love?
misrepresent the facts