Anne Gomez

Anne Gomez


I am a Traditional Celtic singer,songwriter.Playing mainly to theatre audiences.I guess most people say my songs are passionate,gentle ballads & that I have a versatile set list.I will include any "people "song that I feel attracted to.My songwritting is driven by my view of world & life experience


I am a Singer Songwriter & use my life experience & views of world events in my lyrics." Sweet Colleen " I wrote as a tribute to my parents. " The Fox " I wrote as I realised how this gentle little animal had become such a controvercial member of our community.It made me drive slower & took residence in my heart. "Thoughts Wi Rabbie ", is me imagining a conversation wi the great Bard him an update, so to speak.Performances I mainly do in theatres but I'm starting to venture into new horrizons eg Pup scene,Restaurants & find this a very different,but exciting form of performing.I love Traditional & contemporary Celtic music but I recently performed songs from Les Miz at The Fort Theatre & absolutely loved it.I perform most of the time with Trochrague Folk Group but enjoy solo acts as well.I am dedicated to Folk music & run a folk club in East Kilbride & promote local talent when I can.I guess I could say I live & breath music in general but with a passion for Celtic song..especially Burns.I grew up in the traditional music scene from an early age & participated in competition festivals in my youth..& this year(2008)I performed at CELTIC CONNECTIONS in the GLASGOW CONCERT HALL A great experience.I hope you enjoy my music & feedback would be most welcome...Thankyou for taking the time to read my EPK, Anne Gomez


Sweet Colleen

Written By: Anne Gomez

1/ Rose petals her cheeks,lips of velvety wine,
Eyes sparklin diamonds our love would entwine,
I'd sit by my window,live sweet dreams of you,
While moonbeams between us,shone our love young and true

2/ We sailed on the lake,where the swan gently danced,
Snow wings spread like whispers,the breeze would enhance,
Stars sprinkled their magic,where cupid would fly,
His arrow embraced us,till I thought I would die.

3/I turned and you said,never wonder with fear,
Our love will last long And forever be dear,
As we journey life's ocean,with one star awake,
Like the swan in the evening,that glides over the lake.

4/Now 50yrs on,my young love and me,
Have branched with a family,our children of three,
Flowers plucked from a rainbow have been our delight,
Encircled forever,our love always in sight.

5/ Sweet colleen my love,now we're golden and grey,
We're together as one as we were on that day,
The star it still guides us accross the glass lake,
With your hand in mine,our love we'll ner forsake.

Precious Tears

Written By: Anne Gomez

1.. I was lost and trapped in a wild
sea of pain,
Lying wounded and lonely
on these forein shores,
And then without warning
my mind it did fall,
And gently flow within my tears.

2..As I slowly walked over a soldier
boy lay,
In a skin of black velvet and
words unlike mine,
But our blood it did mingle on
on through the white sand,
From scarlet grains in our hands,
Peace would grow in our hearts,

3..Your eyes held mine sensing
pools still and deep,
Sending orbs of sweet colour
to flame a path,
Your love beamed out bright
to my heavy heart,
Till at last your light my hurt
it would fade.

4..A rainbow glows warm within
my soul,
With smiling eyes now reflecting
your vision of hope,
You have opened my mind
to the wonders I see,
A gentle place where sadness
and joy can embrace.

5..Sharing love now together
we sail on the pain,
From heavens harbour streams
moonbeams and stardust to
Our journey accross this great
precious land,
Where peace love and harmony
lives in our hands,

Where peace love and harmony
lives in our hands.

The Fox

Written By: Anne Gomez

I drove with speed one moonlit night,
Like falling stars,your eyes flashed bright,
Your coat splashed red,as you stood still,
Your head held high,a majestic thrill.

The pedal met my trembling foot,
The wheels obeyed, and they did root,
Metal teeth screeched oh so loud,
With piercing sound, that split the ground.


This globe we're in but do not share,
Like striking marbles spark the air,
Dark shadows painted with our fear,
When will we know,shared joyfull tears.

You danced with fright into the night,
Disturbed,the peace fell low and deep,
With covered eyes,my heart did cry,
Little one forgive my selfish need.


I thought you'd gone, but then I sensed,
A precious smile within your face,
My mirror glowed,our eyes did meet,
Grass humbly stroked, your nimble feet.

So little fox so proud and free,
Begins a bond 'tween you and me,
Now as I cruise on through the night,
I look with wonder at your sight.

final chorus x 2

This globe we're in ,and now we share,
Like glowing marbles,warm the air,
Dark shadows gone now with our fear,
And now we know, shared joyfull tears.

Wan Mair Mile

Written By: Anne Gomez

1. If y'r ever drivin doon the road tae Glesca,
Fae Cambis EK-oky,Rutherglen,
y'll notice warnin lights wi' wee roon faces,cummin oot the grun like giant pens.
2.the face it lights up wi' a smile that's eerie,
But dinnae worry,jist you wait and see,
Pit y'r fit doon and add jist wan mair mile,
A frown will noo wipe af it's hideous glee.
3.The council say they'll help us keep oor speed doon,
Big brother smiles oan poles tae keep us safe,
If ye ask me the're aliens in waitin,
Tae hypnotise and eat the human race.
A belang tae Glesca,dear auld Glesca toon,
We're only wee weans fae the Gallowgate,
Floatin roon an' roon,
So keep y'r eyes peeled tae the road,
Y'r hauns glued tae the wheel,
Cos if ye don't,the stars y'll spin,
As we land ye oan the moon.

4.Y've made it tae the centre o' the city,
Y've ran the gauntlet safely tae the toon,
But the aliens hiv' noo changed their appearance,
Lock y'r doors as ye wheel it roon an' roon.
5. Argyle Street, Sauchie,and up Buchie,
Ther's invasion ev'ry Saturday at noon,
Don't think th'r weans shoppin wi' th'r Mammy's,
Keep gaun or th'll feed ye tae the moon.
( Chorus)
6.If y' think the new colour scheme is pretty,
Don't be fooled,'cos these aliens are smart,
ayon red brick road willnae find a rainbow,
But an arrow way a fine aimed at y'r heart.
7.A polis wummin wae a dutch-like helmet,
Stoaps ye,'cos noo y'r oot o' luck,
U'r ye a taxi,bus a double decker,
Aw naw I'll need tae get yon tummy tuck.
8.There's a lesson tae be learned wi' ev'ry story,
An' this wan's nae diff'rent fae the rest,
Keep y'r guard up,y'r specs oan and y'r bloomers,
Underneath a Glesca Free-Zone vest
( Chorus)


My Debut Album..Wan Mair Mile (2008) is available at SCOTLOADS;CD BABY; Soncast and from me.....Airplay of tracks..Celtic Music Radio;Bishop FM; Moray Firth Radio;Slovenia Radio;Lochbroom FM;Aiiradio;and others have requested it & I'm awaiting feedback.

Set List

Set List varies depending on if I am solo or as part of Trochrague Folk Group.....Usual set would be 45mins--60mins..... Typical set would be:-
(Own Songs)----Sweet Colleen;The Fox;Precious Tears;Thoughts Wi Rabbie;..Wan Mer Mile;....(Covers/Trad)...Aye Fond Kiss;Freedom Come Aa Ye;Liberty;Heidless Cross;The Joy Of You;Speed Of The Sound Of Lonliness;Voices Haunt Me;Aye Waukin O';There But For Fortune;Galway Shawl;The Rare Ould Times;Lochnagar;The Green Fields Of France;Auld Lang Syne(original),The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face,Lady Mary....