Anne Haley

Anne Haley


Americana at it's FINEST, Anne Haley sticks to the roots of folk yet, isn't afraid to push the limits with music as fresh as an early morning in spring.


The musical chronology of Anne Haley reads exactly like that of a seasoned writer, powerful performer and solid musician. Her early beginnings in music read like that of a wonderful Southern novel. She frankly discusses the ways of growing up in a small town in North Carolina, in the foothills, among tobacco growers and textiles... leaving you to wish you had too! Having come from a very musical family, Anne was exposed to many types of music in every genre. Through her 25 years in the industry, she has diligently honed both a craft and a following. The listener will note many influences in Haley's work, but the ultimate conclusion is that she is definitely in a league of her own.
Anne refers to herself as part storyteller, part philosopher. The evidence of this is shown in every aspect of her songwriting. She is able to convey a ballad with such conviction and surety that the listener finds himself completely enveloped in the lyric, the story, the song. However, as strong as the ballad may be, Haley demonstrates total maturity in delivering amazing strength in the more mainstream or up-tempo tunes. It is a fascinating combination and to watch her move seamlessly from one style to the next is sheer artistry in itself!
With a solid foundation as a session artist and writer in Nashville, Anne Haley brings to any performance the skill, the know how and the ability to shine in her craft. Her musical travels have taught her to be able to work any combination or variety of crowds. Be they in a coffee house with a few tables or a stadium of thousands, it's all the same for Anne. Each attendee will leave feeling that this was "their show."
Another pleasant surprise is to notice the endearing comfort that is experienced when Anne appears on stage. She is warm, friendly and engaging. She takes her time, there's no hurry and the feeling resonates that "this is going to be special." You find yourself believing that you are truly in a space among friends. According to Haley, she wants her audience to be as comfortable as she is and will go the extra mile to see that it happens.
As a recording artist, Haley is as solid as they come. She demands honesty and realism from a studio standpoint, which is very evident from her recorded works.
It isn't often an artist comes along that can show all the levels talent that Anne Haley possesses. She is charming, affable and friendly, yet, when you meet her, you know behind the smile, there is an incredible talent. You just know you're speaking with a pro.
Anne Haley is...well, "Anne Haley."


"It's A Beautiful Life" 2002 Soundside Records
Streaming tracks/Singles- Lighthouse, It's a Beautiful Life, I Will Be There, Friends

Set List

Typical sets include mostly originals, as well as osbscure, solid covers by Bonnie Raitt, Emmylou Harris, New Grass Revival, etc. Sets are 45 minutes to 1 hour long.
SAMPLE SET: Come Early Morning, Never Had it So Good, Friends, Lighthouse, It's A Beautiful Life, Millworker, Happy Girl, Roll Away the Stone, You Don't Knock, Give Me Wings, and others.
Covers of select songwriters are also used featuring the works of Gretchen Peters, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Beth Nielsen Chapman, John Cowan and Rodney Crowell.