Anne Hills

Anne Hills


A reviewer once said that “Anne Hills could sing the week’s cable listings and make them sound marvelous." But she’s also a gifted songwriter, interpreter of traditional and contemporary music with a loyal following from being featured on both stage and radio as a solo artist or in a group.


Anne Hills has become one of the better known voices of the contemporary folk music scene, receiving awards and recognition for her live performances (2009 Bound for Glory live radio show favorite- Ithaca, NY), her unique solo and collaborative recording projects (2001 WAMMIE for duet CD with Tom Paxton Under American Skies), and her overall artistry and benefit work (2002 Kate Wolf Award, Carole Robertson Award & Kerrville Female Vocalist of the Year 1997). Her song "Follow That Road" was the title cut of the Martha's Vineyard Songwriter Retreat and has enchanted audiences for over a decade. Whether she is singing her own song, the words of 6 year old Opal Whiteley, or the Hoosier poet James Whitcomb Riley; accompanied with her guitar, banjo, or simply a Tibetan bell, she puts her whole heart and soul into the moment. So, even if you haven't become familiar with her voice (featured often on XM/Sirius Folk Radio, The Midnight Special & many other folk shows) you won't want to miss a chance to hear her songs and stories in person. She's just returned to touring more extensively, winning over new audiences and recharging fans with her warm, lively and humorous performances. The AllMusic Guide says, " A stunning soprano tone has made Anne Hills one of contemporary music’s premiere vocalists. . . Her knack for writing heartfelt songs [has] brought her to the upper echelon of her craft.” and Tom Paxton says,"Anne Hills is such an exquisite singer that it’s understandable that people might be swept up in the pure beauty of her voice and thereby overlook her writing. That would be a mistake. For me, Anne’s writing, in songs like ‘Follow That Road’ and many others, is as direct, melodic and deep as any work being done today. She is quite simply one of my absolute favorite songwriters.” Hear more from Anne at : or


Follow That Road

Written By: w&m Anne Hills © 1994 ASCAP

If your coming in the summer you'd be better to split off on 35,
There's The Starlite Drive-in Movie on the left just beyond the county line,
Right after that you'll see two silos, one is silver, one is blue
'Bout a quarter mile further make a left onto Highway 42...

Then follow that road
Cornfields just as far as you can see
Follow that road
Back through time, back through distance, back to me.

If you're drivin' by in autumn you should follow up the river to Bear Lake
That's the time to see the colors, there's an old covered bridge you'll want to take
Late at night be careful, just be sure to watch for deer out on the road
And if it's early in the morning, sometimes it gets foggy, take it slow...

But follow that road
Sugar maples far as you can see
Follow that road
Back through time, back through distance, back to me.

If you get the notion in December to drop by for just a day
There's that tiny little road that no one knows about, it's safe to go that way
It's up between two fields so the sunlight melts the ice by afternoon
You'll see two houses by the fields, someone's always there if not they'll be back soon...

So follow that road
Snowdrifts just as far as you can see
Follow that road
Back through, time back through distance back to me

You'll remember in the springtime how the puddles look like pieces of the sky
Fallen down by the roadside to delight any stranger passing by
The softness of the grass on Raven Hill where we counted stars all night
You must know how much I miss you and that any way you get here is alright

Just follow that road
Wild flowers just as far as you can see
Follow that road
Back through time, back through distance, back to me


2009 ... Points of View
2007 ... Ef You Don't Watch Out!
2006 ... Beauty Attends: The Heartsongs of Opal Whiteley
2004 ... Best of Friends (w/ Tom Paxton & Bob Gibson)
2003 ... Fourtold (w/ Gillette, Mangsen and Smith)
2001 ... Under American Skies (w/ Tom Paxton)
2000 ... At the Turning of the Year (w/ Herdman & Mangsen)
1999 ... Paradise Lost and Found (w/ Michael Smith)
1998 ... Bittersweet Street
1998 ... Never Grow Up (w/ Cindy Mangsen)
1997 ... Dreamcatcher (The Book) illustrated by Liz Paxson
1997 ... Voices of Winter (w/ Herdman & Mangsen)
1997 ... Part of the Village (Various Artists)
1996 ... A Lost World (Jay Ansill, featured singer on 6 cuts)
1995 ... Angle of the Light
1994 ... Never Grow Old (w/ Cindy Mangsen)
1994 ... Follow That Road (Various Artists)
1993 ... That Kind of Grace (Various Artists)
1993 ... October Child
1990 ... Voices (w/ Herdman & Mangsen)
1987 ... Woman of a Calm Heart
1985 ... On This Day The Earth Shall Ring (Various Artists)
1982/84 ... Don't Panic (reissue of first two LPs)

Set List

A concert usually includes two 45 minute sets with a short break in between for requests and CD sales. Songs include original, traditional, and covers that Anne has recorded.